Wednesday, January 18, 2017

It doesn't snow much here in Abilene,

but we do get Frost.
 photo Jan 07 Morning Frost_zpsq7g9yrgq.jpg
And it can be very pretty.
 photo DSC_0314-001_zpsst0h4xhj.jpg
 photo DSC_0313-001_zpss6fou5xt.jpg
 photo DSC_0312-001_zpsbwbaeo0k.jpg
 photo DSC_0305-001_zpskbdjnuv5.jpg
 photo DSC_0304-001_zpsonlieojs.jpg
 photo DSC_0303-001_zpsxhh1whi7.jpg
 photo DSC_0299-001_zpsxcxqvg7i.jpg
 photo DSC_0300-001_zpsgaww9cm1.jpg

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I'm Guessing This Will Be..

the closest to a Chinese New Year environment as I'll be getting, what with living in Abilene and all.
 photo 20170113_121604-001_zpsl0oj8htu.jpg
The folks at Sunrise are very warm and friendly, and we have known them for a number of years. A bunch of years ago, when the building was still Ecko's, we had contemplated having our rehearsal dinner here. I had only eaten here a couple of times when it was under the old management. 
 photo 20170113_121612-001_zpss4zjphsy.jpg
Ever since Ray and his family took over, we have dined here on a regular basis. They have a separate "Chinese" menu, especially for Chinese students who attend the local universities, and whenever I am feeling particularly homesick, I would order from That menu. I have to be honest and say that I would sooo much rather have South East Asian food, and wish that George's Asian/Cambodian was still open, but I still love what they offer at Sunrise.
 photo 20170113_121623-001_zpspeicnvfm.jpg
Plus, just check out the decor. :) Simple but Fabulous.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Yup, it's the Weather Again

Sounds cliche and like a broken record, but really, if you don't like the weather ( especially this winter ), just wait a few days and you'll get something totally different.

A few days ago, it was freezing, and then we had lovely warm ( albeit horrific for our planet ) days, and yesterday morning, we have Cold Dense Fog.

 photo 20170115_103501_zpsnknbyx4l.jpg

We had thought that by the time Church was over, that the fog would have somewhat gotten less dense/burned off, but No. It seemed to be thicker than before!

 photo 20170115_103513_zps5kdymdle.jpg
 photo 20170115_103519_zpswnzpxal6.jpg
 photo 20170115_103540_zpsk5scwqlg.jpg
 photo 20170115_103600_zpsvqqw2gnu.jpg
 photo 20170115_103846_zpsl5okcnyt.jpg

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Christmas Cactus Update

There's a few more buds on the cactus, and those that were there already have grown a little bit more :)
 photo 20170107_100001_zps0zv14z4n.jpg

It was a Dark and Stormy Night.

... except it wasn't.

We were on our way out to the grocery store, when the little boy asked me to look up, claiming he could see the moon very clearly.
 photo 20170110_192131-001_zpsxnchtktu.jpg
It certainly was quite a sight and I was glad he pointed it out to me :)

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Throw Back Saturday.

It's been a frigid couple of days, with a dusting of snow on Friday. I'll post more on that later, but firstly, I have to post the fine dusting that we received in early December...
 photo Dec 03 Week 1621_zpsfe0bggfk.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 1622_zps7c2sm62d.jpg
 photo Dec 03 Week 1623_zpsepfl6icg.jpg
LOVED those flakes.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1624_zpssopawfqh.jpg
And how about that little boy smile :)

Mr. Western Cowboy Santa

I'm not ready to put this little guy away yet.
 photo Dec 03 Week 1627_zpsuqdglxjf.jpg

Sunday, January 01, 2017

New Year's Lunch

We had Cindy and Lin over for New Year Day Lunch today.
 photo 2017-01-004_zpscalokbjo.jpg
Church was an hour later than usual ( perhaps to accomodate the people who stayed up late the night before to ring in the New Year? ), but that still didn't leave me much time to prepare food, so I got a bunch of things done yesterday night.
 photo 2017-01-002_zpscnij0pbz.jpg
The menu itself was extremely humble and simple.  Nothing fancy.  We had Mushroom Pork Chops, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Black Eyed Peas, Cabbage with Turkey Bacon & Rolls.
 photo 2017-01-003_zpssoarmgku.jpg
Cindy helped me cut up some Apple Slices, and I made some Pumpkin Bars.
 photo 2bce0043-ad8c-41a5-82f7-be8d53357fdf_zpsv98ewylx.jpg
It was a good thing we had these little tray plates because the boys got their food and went into the living room for some Sunday Football Time. The Dallas Cowboys were playing, of course.
 photo 2017-01-006_zpsdpmlociw.jpg
We were glad to have them, and the little boy tried to get Cindy to stay for as long as he could.  I think his Dad's attorney genes are starting to manifest themselves....
 photo 2017-01-005_zps1n3kllcu.jpg
I think he even climbed into the back of her truck as a ploy to keep her here longer. :)
 photo 2017-01-007_zpsk0zbp2oa.jpg

Happy New Year 2017 !

The little boy and I made our traditional New Year Masks to be worn for our yearly New Year photo as crafts today in school.

He was sooo excited and made us promise to wake him up close to midnight so he could count down to 2017.

 photo DSC_0293-001_zpscmmk90ao.jpg

So, now we have 2016 and 2017 photos this year :)

 photo DSC_0297-001_zpsjuws1nws.jpg