Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Every Day is an Adventure

We should all have a little child or little children in our lives, to remind us to have a sense of wonder and to delight in the simple and mundane :)
 photo Jan 18 Fedex_zpsog7v4szl.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Fedex1_zpsqjfc4ibb.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Fedex2_zpsw3psrmvr.jpg
 photo Jan 18 Fedex3_zpsi14giqmd.jpg

Friday, March 24, 2017


I'm not in the habit of Selfies, but I don't want my little boy to look back on all the family photos and wonder, "Where are all the photos of me and Mommy?"

 photo Feb 11 Face Swap Target_zpsrw426ove.jpg

Love Gift

Look what the sweet boy made me a while back :)

 photo Feb 18 Paper Clip Bracelet_zps9eamruco.jpg

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cinnamon Buns

I've been baking a lot more and *gasp* making my own pastry dough.

But for these cinnamon buns, I used a can of Pizza Dough.
 photo March 14 Cinnamon Buns-001_zpsubvjkj7m.jpg
Hurray for baking hacks

Ooo, and then there was the time I made mini pot pies... :)
 photo Feb 27 Mini Pot Pies1_zpsht3bbwzt.jpg
 photo Feb 27 Mini Pot Pies_zpsf0toomc2.jpg

Home School

Let's just say I'm doing a bunch of Spring Cleaning and Sorting and Organizing.

However, I don't want to miss a bunch of school either.

So, you just gotta do school where you gotta do school.
 photo March 15 Home School in Bed-001_zpsa4rmssif.jpg

Friday, March 10, 2017

Stop to smell the Roses.

When you stop at the Coffee Aisle at HEB for a bit to inhale all the amazing aromas that linger there, you could just find some pretty cool sounding names.
 photo 20170224_130412-001_zpss7bwi8kw.jpg
 photo 20170224_130355-001_zps2dga4c6t.jpg

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 Part 2

The second CNY event we went to was the Lantern Festival organized by the Chinese Scholars and Students' Association.
 photo 7306189_113150329394_2___zpsaeqi8x9h.jpg
There was quite a healthy number of people there, as usual,
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival-001_zpswopucyan.jpg
along with the usual suspects, and us. :)
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival1-001_zpst3sn3mea.jpg
 photo Feb202320ACU20CNY20Lantern20Festival2-001_zpsnap6hcul.jpg
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival3-001_zpslabrl0gr.jpg
We were fortunate enough to find seats at the same table as Prof. Gao and his delightful family.
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival4-001_zpswlo05fhe.jpg
The evening actuallly went on pretty well.  We were shown a video clip of how The Lantern Festical was celebrated in China
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival5-001_zpsotkkrbbm.jpg
The food from Little Panda was good, and they even made "Tang Yuan", and a curry dish, but I still wish the organizers had catered from Sunrise.
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival6-001_zpscrdjtzl6.jpg\
After dinner, random ticket numbers were called out and OURS got picked!  We had to answer a couple of riddles,
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival7-001_zpsgpr168sb.jpg
and won ourselves a pretty fan!
 photo Feb202320ACU20CNY20Lantern20Festival8-001_zpsrjtmxxrh.jpg
There was also time for some craftiness,
 photo Feb202320ACU20CNY20Lantern20Festival9-001_zpsjbfaiaxy.jpg
before we left the auditorium and started to do a little After Party roaming and exploring :)
 photo Feb 23 ACU CNY Lantern Festival10-001_zpsws5yf2qj.jpg