Saturday, April 29, 2017

A Windy Day for a Walk

Jasper has so much energy, being a Bouvier and all, and really looks forward to walks.
A few days ago, we walked our usual route and it was windy beyond belief.  Which explains why we are surrounded by Windmills out here.

The little boy has been asking to hold the leash to walk the rambunctious dog, but when it gets to be a bit too much, Daddy gets the reins back :)

One of the little boy's favorite things to do is to play "tag" with the dog and boasts a record of over 100 tags on ONE walk :)

We managed to catch some pretty good self-indulgent selfies :)

Friday, April 28, 2017

Easter 2017 Part 2

Part 2 Home Sweet Home

The little boy requested an egg hunt at home in the yard like in the years past.  Even though I was pretty exhausted by then, what can you say when your little boy who is never ever demanding, asks if he could please have an egg hunt at home... You happily oblige.
There were plenty of hiding places, but he found all of them with a little bit of direction at times :)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Easter 2017 Part 1

Part 1 Southern Hills Church Eggstravaganza

There's always a big huge party over at Southern Hills for Easter, and we tried to make sure we didn't miss it.
The crowd was already a-bustlin' when we got there, and the kids were poised for their next hunt / dash ( there were several rounds according to age groups ).
The little boy was all abuzz with excitement,
looking on in anticipation as the guys on the golf cart start throwing out the Easter eggs onto the shady lawn.
Oh yeah, those kids were champing at the bit. :)
And Away They Go!
I mean, just look at that face. It's the thrill of the hunt, I tell ya.
Of course, coming out with some loot is a big plus, although the candy per se is never a big thing with the little boy. It's the hunt. Always the hunt.
In between hunts, there's the Bouncy Castles.
The queues weren't so long, and the little boy got to go several times.
Then, Ho! Off we go to the next round of er, hunting.
Them eggs were gone in no time. It's like they were never there.
And as always, the grand finale was romping through the playground. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

More Fancy Schmanciness...

I mean, aren't these napkins just the most?

They are hilarious, entertaining and inspiring!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

I May Be An Emotional Titan

I'm listening to the Disney Sing A Long station while I  "whistle while I work" - yes, I am very non-threatening that way - and each time the little girl's voice comes on singing "Do you want to build a snowman", I start bawling.

That seems kinda overly overly, but Lifehacker thinks I may be stronger than one might guess.

Aging just got SLIGHTLY easier

For a while now, I have been wearing reading glasses on top of my regular prescription glasses, ending up looking like this kid below.

The optometrist I had gone to a few years back advised that since I only had prescription in one eye, that the eyes would compensate for one another.  My good eye would mainly see far, and my bad eye would mainly do the near stuff. And he told me I could pretty much just go about without my glasses until my need for reading glasses got to be too much.

Well, I got to a point where I had to take of my glasses so much to see stuff close up,  I just went about without them just about all day, but then I would get into a situation where I couldn't see farther away.  This went on for months and months and months.

Maybe it was over a  year or so.

Then I decided I had had enough. It was a case of "That's all I can stands, I can't stands no more."

So we went to Walmart, got me a prescription for Progressives and with  me griping the whole time about how expensive glasses AND frames were, we got that done.

Now hopefully it won't take all of 2 weeks for me to get used to them!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Ooooh Fancy.

The other night I made Pork Florentine en croute.
Because you know, we're FANCY like that... 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Courtesy of the Sunday Paper

I mean, who does NOT need this?

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Piggy Cubes

This is something you'll never see in Malaysia.
 photo 20170408_100718-001_zps2ikhtlhj.jpg

A Random Breakfast

The Little Boy asked for Leftover Spaghetti for breakfast.

No, this is not Leftover Spaghetti.  It is ME accidentally taking a selfie of the ceiling and top of my head because since our phones updated to Nougat, the double click for the camera to come on is kind of wonky.
 photo 20170410_090716-002_zpszo4iiytd.jpg
THIS is the Leftover Spaghetti, along with Apples and Strawberries.
 photo 20170410_090731-002_zpssqjcryz3.jpg
A Red Trifecta For The Win!

Branching out to the Different Squashes

We tried Baked Acorn Squash today,
 photo 20170411_112634-001_zpsfdbhpquw.jpg
 photo 20170411_112625-001_zpsksucoxad.jpg

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Spring is in the Air

When we planted these that many years ago, never could I have imagined we would have such beautiful flowers in our yard year after year after year.
 photo April 03 Muddy Puddle Woods-001_zpsb2ayrstp.jpg
 photo April 03 Muddy Puddle Woods1-001_zpsvq9aknyr.jpg
 photo April 03 Muddy Puddle Woods2-001_zpsiohlgawb.jpg
 photo April 03 Muddy Puddle Woods3-001_zpset7oneuk.jpg

Friday, April 07, 2017

One Adventure You Don't Want to Have

I was getting stressed out with several things happening at home, and feeling overwhelmed.  So, I told the hubs I needed some time to clear my mind and a change of scene for a little bit.  

When we got out to the car, THIS is what we saw.
I mean, seriously? 
The hubs decided to get the air compressor, pump up the tyre & drive to the Walmart close to us to get if fixed, and make sure that I actually got some "R & R"ish activities no matter what.   😍

Thursday, April 06, 2017

Do I need to look somewhere else?


OK, Photobucket is starting to make me a little ticked off with its frequent "maintenance" down time and losing my photos.


/end rant

And the Saga Continues..

Birthday Celebration #3
With Family and Friends at Oldham Lane CoC

This was what I was staring at a lot last week.  And it started early in the week too, as I knew I had a LOT to do.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane_zpsajd55rrh.jpg
In previous years, the little boy's birthday "bashes" were at least a few days apart each time, but this year, they were one after another on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane1_zpszdieuxun.jpg
It is a good thing we have PINTEREST these days, and I have an eager little helper who had chocolate face more than once.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane3_zpsyqvlhgvk.jpg
Many of those chocolate sprinkles actually found their way into the little boy's tummy in the process, until I told him to be patient and wait until he was done decorating ALL the cookies before indulging :)
1 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane4_zps7vautqtz.jpg
Ta da. We used icing sugar glaze as glue :)
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane5_zpsycoa3xjy.jpg
The little boy also helped me dip pretzels into melted almond bark that had food coloring to resemble light sabers.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane6_zpsphejpiiw.jpg
AND he made just about ALL the TIE Fighter treats on Saturday morning, while I was frantically trying to put the last things together.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane8_zpsadzwfljr.jpg
PLUS helping me put Star Wars characters gummies into jello to simulate Han Solo in Carbonite. :)
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane7_zpssz18zyam.jpg
I kept checking on Accuweather, and I was a bit worried for a couple of weeks back there, when it kept showing that we would have thunderstorms on the day of the big party with the family.

THEN, one day it turned to THIS! I mean, the word "DELIGHTFUL" was in the description for the day!
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane2_zps8krwyd0n.jpg
We had themed food, and descriptions in Star Wars font! I think I was geeking out way more than the little boy.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane10_zpshbrwksqg.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane11_zpsrhffkjtl.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane12_zpsscmmtijw.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane13_zpsgoqkfhpt.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane14_zpspupsskyb.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane15_zpsjjgby663.jpg
We had some goody bags set out for the little guests who were expected, and masks as well. The little boy wrote little Thank You notes for each goody bag :)
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane9_zpsyl7zfp0a.jpg
I was afraid I might have a problem keeping the kids occupied, so I got a 100 piece Star Wars jigsaw puzzle from Dollar Tree and set it out as well. It certainly got some action from different people throughout the party.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane16_zpsyqowjyib.jpg
But when the kids discovered there were balloons, they just went wild.  I mean, it was like a switch got turned on and everyone just went crazy punching, tossing, hitting and throwing balloons.
I had brought a couple of Sharpies for people to decorate their balloons with.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane17_zpsdbo1ll7c.jpg
Other than the usual suspects, we also had Joseph and his 2 boys, Maddie and her grandad/our neighbor Charles, as well as  Mary ( who we know from our trips to the library ) and her daddy, Matt.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane18_zpsgupivqwi.jpg
And then, came the final cake, which was a number 8 cake, disguised as a BB8 :)
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane20_zpsoled6k9c.jpg
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane19_zpsawy08ya6.jpg
The little boy received many fabulous and nifty gifts,
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane21_zpswp8vknbo.jpg
and his favorite was the StikBot kit which he had been coveting, and which we had stealthily gotten him, and coordinated with Stephanie and her boys, who got him a bunch of accessories for them.  It is almost one week later, and he has been playing with them every single day.
 photo April 01 Jaxons Birthday at Oldham Lane22_zpsvzxd0xo2.jpg
We love you little boy, and as exhausted as it made me, I would do it all over again and again and again just for you :)  It made my heart swell when you said that it was the best party you had ever had, and that you were afraid that it was all a dream and that you might wake up and it might never have happened. :)