Sunday, July 30, 2017

Friendship Goals

I received a care package in the mail the other day from an old Primary and Secondary schoolmate of mine back in my little hometown in Malaysia.  We lost contact for a bunch of the "Uni years", but reconnected with the powers of Facebook.

She lives in Oklahoma now, but goes home to Malaysia periodically. She somehow knows how much I miss stuff from home and finds time to get some things together to send to me when she gets back.
And the thing is, I don't ever mention needing anything, or ask her when she is going home or anything like that. She just thinks of me and messages me when she has made plans to do so and asks if I need anything.

That really moves me each time, and I always thank her and tell her how much I appreciate the effort, and kindness, and just for thinking of me. I wish she really understood how much I am moved by her gesture.

Also, when my Dad died a few years ago, a florist suddenly appeared on our doorstep with a huge leafy potted plant from her, extending her condolences and sympathy.

Thank you for being so sweet and kind to me, Chee Wei!  You are truly what it means when we speak of "living out your beliefs", or "showing others the love of Christ through your life and actions".

I am very blessed to have you as a friend.

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