Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Of Flora and Fauna

One of our potted plants was getting a little wonky and not in a position to get enough sun throughout the day, so I decided to shift it a little.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers-001
Lo and behold, a pretty dry looking frog/toad that had been keeping damp under the flower pot.
He didn't move a muscle the whole time I was messing with the pot, and I didn't disturb him either.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers1-001
I did, however, flick this critter below off our bougainvilla plant with my fingers, dang grasshopper.
Praise the Lord we haven't seen quite the numbers from the Great Plague of a few years ago, which actually lasted a few MORE years! Ugh
July 28 Outdoor Flowers2-001
We haven't had many wild sunflowers this year.  Maybe it's because all the seeds got eaten by the birds, and whatever seeds that fell on the ground got carried away by the dang rats.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers3-001
I AM thankful though, that the RAT SCOURGE seems to be over, and we have had several families of stray cats hanging around this year to see to that.
July 28 Outdoor Flowers4-001

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