Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017 Part 1

Old Jail Art Center

Last year, the Art Center didn't have a Lunar New Year event, and so we were quite thrilled when we found out that one had been planned for this year.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-009_zpsddkzmehx.jpg
We had been to the CNY event several times by now, and I was very interested to see what new activities were in store this year.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center1-005_zpswz0bjeyk.jpg
Outside the building, there were several booths.  The first one we went to was writing your CNY wish on a ribbon and adding it to the Good Luck Dragon.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center2-003_zpsmqypoz4j.jpg
The little boy tried to get the ribbon on the squirmy dragon by himself, but needed just a little bit of help.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center3-002_zpsmeecbhm7.jpg
Then came a Korean Game ( I forget the name ), which the little boy had lots of fun figuring out.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center4-002_zpsozgpvubp.jpg
At the next booth, the little boy tried his hand at writing some Chinese characters.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center5-002_zpsbnwv0whr.jpg
Of course he chose Bull, the zodiac for the year he was born in.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center6-002_zpsj9xjelw6.jpg
I don't think I remember them ever having deployed this Grand Entry Way before, but I may just have been oblivious :P
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center7-001_zpsenrkhpxv.jpg
We examined some artifacts with our Gloved Hands,
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center8-001_zps6yn6bsdb.jpg
and then we embarked on a Virtual Scavenger Hunt, using our Cell Phone.
 photo Screenshot_20170207-164106_zpsriqzydsd.png
 photo Screenshot_20170207-164115_zps3vn3gigg.png
 photo Screenshot_20170207-164129_zpsuzregbg1.png
 photo Screenshot_20170207-164147_zps6ydfj1lb.png
The little boy LOVES Art and Crafts, so he absolutely wanted to go to every single station and do EVERYTHING.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center9-001_zpssrcaznkc.jpg
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center10-001_zpsq9mq6zep.jpg
This was our last station for the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, after which, the little boy got to choose a prize or two!
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center11-001_zpsginfgaa8.jpg
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-010_zpsfppelv5m.jpg
We were there early this year for a change, and so it was a little while before the whole place filled up with eager participants.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center1-006_zpsn0l7cmrx.jpg
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center2-004_zpsbwoeddup.jpg
It didn't take all that long, though :)
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center3-003_zpsdhf1ykpt.jpg
Pretty soon the whole place was all bustling and overflowing with people.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center4-003_zps0d5cdsps.jpg
I asked you a couple of times if you were ready to go, and you would go, "Nupe!" and go on to the next craft :)
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center5-003_zpsiuem0v7k.jpg
This time, I didn't hover and go around with you and left you to go at it by yourself. :) Baby Steps!
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center6-003_zpszwjvjljb.jpg
Besides, I had other things to distract me :)
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-011_zps4nqinsd4.jpg
I'm thrilled that the little boy wanted to try out the Chopsticks that were laid out for guests. 
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center1-007_zpsivzrofw8.jpg
The Japanese Drumming Troupe came down from Dallas/Fort Worth and gave an excellent performance as always.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-012_zpsi1zda2xj.jpg
Then came the moment everyone had been waiting for. 
The Dragon  Pinata.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-013_zpsqfm1xa5i.jpg
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center1-008_zpsizkia6u6.jpg
The little boy got to go several times & had a blast.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center2-005_zpshniediub.jpg
He doesn't really care for the Candy so much, but the thrill of the "chase" was too much to resist.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-014_zps3zcaijya.jpg
There was a map on the wall to "stick a pin in", and this time, I was the one who couldn't resist.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center1-009_zpsoaoka8xw.jpg
Ta Da!
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-015_zps4qg4klnv.jpg
After the little boy was finally done with all the festivities, we walked around to expand our  minds in other ways.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-016_zpspa13jos7.jpg
Like, Woah.
 photo Feb 04 CNY Old Jail Art Center-017_zpsxp4dd0nk.jpg

Friday, February 24, 2017

Laid Up

It has been a while since I blogged. I thought I needed to at least put a few words down as to why.

I hadn't been feeling too good health-wise. First it was this, then that, then the ?flu and then my bad back got wrenched and I couldn't sit at my computer or anywhere else for any amount of time. Still can't.

Anyway, hopefully I'm on my way to feeling better and will be able to get to working on all the piled up posts.

I might even predate the post back to when the events actually took place.

Anyhow, I hope to get this and the other blog updated pretty soon.


Thursday, February 09, 2017


I know we're in the South, but I didn't expect to see THIS at Walmart.
 photo 20170207_203334-001_zpszav7ggne.jpg

Curse you, Buzz Feed

You made me feel compelled to make cute little hard boiled egg animals for the little boy's breakfasts  :)
 photo 20170207_143712-002_zps3b4jpvpx.jpg
 photo 20170208_142140-001_zps6af3klfl.jpg

( Oh, and so did he :) )

Monday, February 06, 2017

Superbowl 2017

I won't venture to discuss the outcome or the teams, but this post will be all about The Food.

I haven't done the whole Superbowl Food thing in a while, so I thought I'd do a little something for the boys - i.e. the hubs and the little boy.

This may not have been the best time to try this, but I made broccoli cauliflower tater tots.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food_zpslf7a8d7f.jpg
All shaped like actual tater tots.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food1_zpse4rexjnq.jpg
They came out beautifully and the boys ate them all up!
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food2_zpsxbdkdqp9.jpg
Ah, freshly made guacamole.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food3_zpsmyyls9wf.jpg
I only managed to take a picture later in the day, so the color is a little off, but still tasty.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food4_zps8iusexye.jpg
Wings.. How can you have a Superbowl Meal with NO WINGS?
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food5_zpsi5cjebsh.jpg
Game Day food is basically finger foods, 
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food6_zpsy0bdge09.jpg
and the little boy  helped me make meatball pastry bites.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food7_zpsj3qastwe.jpg
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food8_zpsote26wip.jpg
As a finishing touch, I made an Apple Pie.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food9_zpsoqwvctrn.jpg
If you look carefully, you may just notice a football and LI
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food10_zpshyyvm3pq.jpg
See it now?
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food11_zpsohhrbiy3.jpg
Of course, corn and watermelon rounds off any meal delightfully.
 photo Feb 05 Superbowl Food12_zpsdnttl5ni.jpg
What will we have NEXT Superbowl, I wonder.