Sunday, January 16, 2005

Heaven is ....

an Asian Noodle House....

that does not Westernize their menu. I stumbled upon this restaurant about a week ago and had been looking for a chance to try it out. So, after trying on bridal gowns on Friday with Cindy ( and yes, i think i have found THE ONE ), we stopped by "A Taste of Asia" for lunch.

AND it truly was a taste of Asia. THIS is sooo like the food back in Malaysia it almost brought tears to my eyes. And yes, they have FISH WITH THE HEAD STILL ON, on the menu.

I didn't want to freak Cindy out by ordering anything that stared back at her, so I had duck noodles (right) and she had beef noodles (below).

Now I'm thinking of holding a Chinese Style Wedding Banquet there for family and close friends..


Micah said...

That sounds really good. I love trying food that isn't "Americanized." The fish head may freak me out, though ("it's smiling at me").

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've seen that photo of Chet Baker before and like it a lot. He looked so much different when he got older. All that heroin must've really done him in.

Anonymous said...


If you ever come to San Francisco, you must try Strait's Cafe, La'zeez, Banana Leaf or one of the other fine restaurants here speciallizing in Malay, Singaporean, Thai and similar cuisines. I haven't seen one that advertises Malaysian-style food only. My partner worked in Singapore for a year, and says these restaurants come very close to that cuisine.

Best Regards,

Myrah said...

Hey there Letti! I see you put a new pic of your self your cute! I went to a chinese wedding once and the food was amazing! It kept coming. We were fortunate to be sitting with the grooms brother and he told us what everything was and we really had a good time. I especially liked the tea ceremony! I ate so much!!!!It was great. It was truly real chinese food not like the delivery! Myrah

Anonymous said...

I love finding jems like that. I still haven't found one I like.

:: Mona ::

TR said...

Oohhh...does this mean I don't have to Fedex your HorFun anymore?

So you found your wedding gown? How long does it take you? One thing about Malay weddings we don't bother much about wedding gowns. I remember wearing over 20 traditional outfits in one day :faint:

Oh about Fandi Ahmad, he's not much a drooling factor anymore :(

Trish in Singapore

Dawn said...

Wow, that looks incredible. I miss Singaporean food, and I haven't found anything in Michigan that gets it quite right.

letti said...

Micah: my fiance david said he can't have anything looking at him chomping on its bits..but i'm glad you're adventurous!

Joseph: I will remember that...and thanks for the recipe!

Myrah: Aw, thanks for dropping by..yes, chinese wedding banquets can be quite the glutton-fest. I think we won't have all THAT much for mine, though..

Mona: I thought i had lost all hope of finding one like that too!

TR: YOU STILL HAVE to fedex the horfun when i feel desperate enuff :) Oh, my sister is bringing me a CHEONGSAM!! *yay!*

Dawn: hi, thanks for dropping by..yes, i get those really bad "i miss authentic asian food" days too..


*~*Holly*~* said...

Hey! That food looks sooo good!
I went on my date on Friday and it was "okay." Go check out my site and it will explain most of it!

I'm sooooooooo happy to hear that you have found THE ONE, in reference to your wedding dress! Keep me posted!

*~*God Bless*~*

lilac said...

Hi Letti .. I'm just blog hopping. Agree, it's not easy to get authentic Malaysian/Singapore food here. You should try this Malaysian restaurant called Layang-layang at De Anza Blvd, Cupertino if you're ever in the Bay Area. The asam laksa there is good. I heard that Belacan Grill in LA is great too and it's halal (for Muslims).

Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letti, Fedex just loss some business. Glad that you can have some authentic Malaysian food. That looks like ngup tooi meen and ngau yoke hor.

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend and I went to a friend's wedding in Atlanta a few years ago. It was a traditional Vietnamese wedding followed that night by a Chinese-style wedding banquet. It was really neat experience, and we had a great time learning about all the traditions.

kerry [at]

Pissy Britches said...

That looks like some good eating! I don't know about the fish with the head still on. I think I would vomit.
Are you going to share a glimsp of the dress with us?

letti said...

holly: I'm going right over to check out how your date went right now!

lilac: thanks for the tip! ooo..that makes me wanna make assam anything for dinner today :). good thing david isn't afraid of spicy/hot stuff

desmond: yup..i think it WAS ngap tooi meen and ngau yoke hor..they even had Kai Fan! But that was for another trip :)

Kerry: i know! A chinese wedding banquet can be quite overwhelming :)

Stephanie: I cooked steamed fish for david once, but knowing how he can get, i had to chop off the head and tail after cooking and eat those while he wasn't around...and as for the dress.....well, once i start losing weight with all the pilates ( i hope), i may share a glimpse..hehe

thanks for dropping by guys..

wickedlyperfect said...

I live on the Eastern coast of Canada and our family home was in a little fishing village. It's normal here to eat the head and to have it on the plate. I could never handle it so my family would omit the head if I was sitting at the table.

Anonymous said...

I remember in Beijing hey served us fish with the head severed but starig up at us. That was interesting.

Malaysian food looks good. I have to go there sometime and try it out. :)


lynnee said...

when i was in australia, a fren's mom came to visit her from malaysia... & smuggled in(cos australia is terribly strict about what visitors bring in) frozen roti canai from the mamak stall together with the dhall curry for us.

& in winter, frozen roti canai & dhall curry heated up on the stove tastes GREAT!

especially when u haven't had anything of the sort in ages... & the only alternative to satisfying such cravings costs AUD8.50 a piece at the asian food court (compared to RM0.80 a piece from the mamak stall).

makuahine said...

hey glad you found a dress and a restaurant that makes you happy :-)
an Asian reception meal would be AWESOME I would LOVE to go to one of those ;-)

Anonymous said...

adoi... meh balik kampung :P