Thursday, January 13, 2005

I need a Sombrero

Thank goodness for Betty Crocker..

I know there will be a lot of eyes rolling out there, but on days when inspiration fails and I really do NOT want to open another Asian Cookbook and at the same time do not want to search my brain for some American recipe that I'm probably really bad at, there's always the Cheesy Enchilada ( made with chicken ), Corn Tortillas and Guacamole dip with carrots and celery sticks..

But that doesn't stop me from ogling all the Malaysian Food blogs and demanding that people FedEx me stuff!


*~*Holly*~* said...

I would take a boxed meal over cooking any day! I like to cook, I just can't touc raw meat, so that sorta counts me out of cooking, unless it's baking sweets!

Well, I gotta go! Anthony is supposed to call! YAY!!

*~*God Bless*~*

TR said...

Hehehe...I'll try fedex my Hor Fun OK?

Trish in Singapore

Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letticia, when my wife feels not in the mood to cook, she cuts french fries size carrots, cucumbers, celeries and turnips and we dip them in rojak sauce. They are tasty and healthy too. You can get rojak sauce ( thick ones) in big plastic jar over here nowadays.
BTW, the anonymous person I posted about keeps coming in to annoy me so I try reverse psycology to attack to see if I can deter him from doing it. Hope you don't misunderstand me ok. I don't want to lose you as a friend.

Elizabeth said...

I agree. Meals in boxes are practically idiot-proof. Which is good, because I'm usually an idiot in the kitchen.

K. Restoule said...

I'm a single male and those things are a godsend.

This might surprise people ,but I'm no Martha Stewart and the 'meal in a box' conecepts give me the illusion of cooking and I have some pride that I 'made it myself' even though I just threw it all in a pan and waited.

kilo said...

Those things are great....i add some frozen veggies..mushrooms...very good. rice a roni with hamburger is good too

Kamigoroshi said...

You COULD take out the grill and make Satay...:P I'll bet you really miss that.

Jeff said...

You mean there is another way to cook besides out of a box??? Just kidding, I know what you mean, some days I just don't feel like cooking either and grab one of those instead. Some are actually pretty good. Jeff

makuahine said...

MMMM Yummy ;-)

I like that kind of thing because I don't like to cook!!!!!! :P

biggaysam said...

When I lived out of state I had a co-worker/good friend used to invite me over for Thai food. Her husband is Thai and he works in a Thai restaurant. He could also cook some damn good Vietnamese food. They used to bribe me to house sit for them for food. I gave in every time.

Now living back in New Mexico I'm finding that most people don't even know what a Thai is or that there is such a country as Thailand. It's scary.

I miss it sooooo much. His family would ship ingredients over from California. It took me a while to get used to the shrimp paste. :op

Clint said...

Don't tell her this, but some of Amanda's best meals come from a box too. :)

Kate said...

Oh my god..Hamburger Helper. Am now having a flashback to childhood and my broke ass college days. LOL

Wrigley1 said...

Try a great source for recipies.
And no, I don't work for them. :)

Check out me blog....

Anonymous said...


When I'm too busy to spend hours cooking, I use one of my "tricks": I keep about 4 servings each of my basic marianra sauce in bags in the freezer, as well as an ice cube tray of pesto sauce. Then I make a quick dish, such as...

(1) Tagliatelli salsicci porcini
- soak one ounce of porcini mushrooms in red wine to cover for 30 minutes; drain and reserve soaking liquor
- skin and slice one-half [or one] hot Italian sausage per person
- slice one garlic clove per person
- 3 or 4 crimini or white button mushrooms per person
- crushed red hot pepper flakes to taste
- olive oil
- one serving (4 ounces or more usually) of dried or fresh tagliatelli or other flat pasta per person

a. Boil water to cook pasta per package directions (usually 10-12 minutes for dried, 3-4 minutes for fresh) until al dente [to the tooth]; defrost and heat marinara
b. Heat pan, add olive oil to cover bottom, sautee garlic until translucent
c. Add and autee sausage until browned on both sides of slice [drain excess grease if desired]
d. Add drained and chopped porcini and sliced crimini [or other] mushrooms
e. Add red pepper flakes, toss a few times
f. Add one ladle of marinara per person to the sausage mixture and the reserved soaking liquor from the porcini
g. Simmer until thick, about 15 minutes
h. Sir in one tablespoon of pesto per two people right before removing from stove
i. Toss with pasta and serve with freshly grated parmagiana reqianno or pecerino romana lucatelli cheesses

Supper in less than an hour. ;-) :-p

Best Regards,