Monday, January 24, 2005


After a marathon of ..

Amazing Race ( pre-recorded from last week to keep up with next week's episode ), and
Desperate Housewives last night,
I could not keep my eyes open to watch more than 10 minutes of HUFF, a SHOTIME favourite of mine....

And tonight there's Medium and 24!!!!

Am I a Prime Time Junkie or what?!


Anonymous said...

Did you like NUMB3RS? We watched it last night, too, and we thought it was just okay. We watch HUFF, too, but our current favorite is Carnivale on HBO.

kerry -

Anonymous said...

Can i just say that im so glad that Jonathan has been eliminated, there's just no excuse for treating a lady(Victoria) like the way he does.

letti said...

kerry: i thought Numb3rs was so-so, but it WAS the first episode, so i thought i'd give it a go

anonymous: as much as i hate jonathan, i did with it was the model/actor alliance that went first


Animesh said...

Looks like you're becoming a TV addict.
I'm a TV addict too. But I am addicted to TV. Not the TV programs. I always watch whatever is on. Rather than watch TV when a particular show comes on. That way I never miss anything, if you know what I mean :)

Jeff said...

I love to watch desperate housewives, Huff, The Apprentice, Medium, and CSI when I remember when they come on! It seems I get addicted to too many shows and forget when they come on or don't have time to watch them all. Thank goodness all the shows are now coming out with the seasons on DVD!!! A fellow prime time junkie-Jeff

Samira said...

Ok. Don't think I'm crazy but I actually dont' watch any of these shows. I'm addicted to the O.C. and American Idol for the moment.. ;)

Edgar said...

Yes, you are.

Bowman said...

personally i thought numb3rs was boring as hell.