Sunday, March 13, 2005

I have a magnetic personality

No, change that to ELECTRIFYING

Recently, I have been zapping myself ( painfully ) when I reach for the door knob, car door, keys, coins, even other people. And then there's the thing about my hair sticking out in weird configurations and crackling while brushing, as well as sticking to my forehead and face. Some days I feel like I am going to spontaneously combust!

The culprit? Static Electricity.

I've had static electricity experiences before, but not THIS rampant!

I quickly googled it and found some reasons:
  • Carpet - we had linoleum on the floors in Malaysia, but now I'm walking on carpet and yes, i sometimes tend to scuff and shuffle my feet along, creating massive amounts of electrical charges.
  • Rubber shoes
  • Dry air - the air in Winter is notorious for being dry, and the central heating in the house, which takes out even more humidity, doesn't help ( the humidity in malaysia is like 99% and was 50% in Abilene today)
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Some remedies I found online included:
  • use conditioners for your hair and lotion for your body
  • rub a fabric softener sheet ( the kind you toss into the dryer with your clothes ) on your hair and skin
  • Get a room humidifier
  • get a ring and wear it ( to "ground" the charges )
  • touch a key or coin in your pocket before you touch the door knob/car door etc..
  • drag around a metal chain like what you see on gasoline tankers/trucks going down the Highway( eek, i'm not Frankenstein! )
I told David about my predicament and he told me that the only solution for me was to wear a lightning rod on my head. BLEH!


Dan said...

Wearing a lightning rod on your head may have negative repercussions. The humidifier idea is much better. Any way, sparks are kind of nice. They are little reminders that you are alive.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. letti,
I have the same problem... as you do.. so i never open my own door or any door.. hehehe!! my spouse say.. i'm a pussy..!! hahhha!! but i so hate getting zapped.. so wat to do.. ?? hah!

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

It's nice to know that I'm not the only who has an "electrifying personality." LOL! I have the same problem!!

Well, I'm in class, so I need to run!! Tata!

*~*God Bless*~*

Sarah said...

Ooo thanks for the hints. I keep getting shock from my car lately.

Jaxon S said...

Not sure if its the same, but i often feel the zap when i operate the washing machine or the rice cooker. probably not due to static electricity though...

Jin said...

I feel your pain! It seems like everytime I pet our dog I end up shocking him.

And then he gives me a confused look that's like, "what did you do that for?!".


(and hey, not only will the fabric softener sheet help, it will also make your hair smell good)

Hannah said...

I'll have to try some of those ideas. Thanks! I'm tired of getting shocked too. I'm so aware of it now, I'm scared to touch certain things! :-)

Prochein Amy said...

Everytime I get out of the car, I hit the backof my hand to the door to de-charge myself. In the winter, I get a small shock (but better than if I builds up more). In the summer, I am reminded it is not winter, when there is no shock. And I feel kinda stupid. But I think of it as preventative maintenance shock.

KEF said...

OOOh totally agreed :)

I get zapped many times during winter :(

It would help if you dont hesitate in touching grounding objects :)

electrostatic charges discharges when the charge and the object is near enough (but not touching)

However, if you touch the grouding object without hesitation, the charge transfer won't be painful.

Try and tell Letti :)

Charone said...

I wish I'd tried these ideas all last year when my hair was sticking up.

girl_msg said...

this happens to me all the time...even in houston where there is lots of humidity...

Monica said...

My David is ALWAYS at his computer and I touch the stove(its a small place) and kiss him on the back of his bald head all the time!!

Most of the time I forget and shock us both, it Hurts!!

Anonymous said...

it happens to me ALOT when I am getting out of the car, I grab the door to close it and BBBZZZZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

Lighning Rod on your head is a great idea! Mybe it'll "spark off" a new fashion ;)

letti said...

The key/coin touching is good. i used to have a winter jacket that would produce a hell of a shock and I just started to carry a quarter in my pocket and touch the car door with it before i used my hand. it worked.
a*c | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 12:25 am | #

I have had that same trouble here. I keep shocking myself and others. I went to pick up my dog Petey and he yelped when I shocked him.

I've been known to shuffle on the carpet and sneak up on someone and zap them on purpose But that was when I was much younger (yesterday).

Hope you have a great week, Jeff
Jeff | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 1:21 am | #

Hi Letti, Know what I think? Your a good person with a super personality. It's only natural that a magnetic field forms around you. Hence you attract electricity. Be happy most of us wish for this. LOL
Raven | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 2:19 am | #

Blehhh..... that happens to me all the time. And it bloody hurts, whether people believe it or not!
Ooohhhh... I got it, I got it... that's why people have been avoiding me..... boooo! Bad, bad guys !!!
kay | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 3:07 am | #

That's been happening to me too. Especially when i go out shopping, I seem to zap my self on those trolleys and I can't seem to pick up anything metal.. it bloody hurts!!

As for Davids advice about putting a rod on your head! Pah! Typical men!!
Ria | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 8:16 am | #

I like the lighting rod idea, hee.
Dennis | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 9:09 am | #

a*c: Yup, I gotta start trying that out

jeff: Oooo! naughty naughty

raven: aw..thanks, sweetie..*blush*

kay: I sooo know it! It really hurts! Especially when it always happens when you're not expecting it!

Ria: Lol..David was trying not to laugh when he said that..and yes, i have had shopping cart experiences myself!
Dennis: LOL
letti | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 10:20 am | #

I also got zapped each day in my university. Must remember to discharge myself first before touching the door knob.
mrkiasu | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 4:58 pm | #

did you know that women are apparently more prone to static shock than men? they also (so I've heard) are more prone to instantaneous combustion at the gas tank because of it..
(myth or fact? you decide..)
Ashley | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 6:59 pm | #

i'm a lazy bum and i tend to drag my feet as i walked. so i always get static electricity in the office and it was getting so annoyed as it hurts!!!

my accountant told me to walk properly!! haha. then it stopped :P
Michelle | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 11:30 pm | #

You can always rely on the men for the really GOOD advice, huh? Oh, we made the eggrolls....couldn't get a jicama so used cabbage and added baby shrimp...fresh garlic and shallots too, the cucumber was perfect and David and I had a special evening together, rolling the eggrolls. Wedding days below 100 !!!!!!
Kerri Rachelle | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 11:43 pm | #

letti said...
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Yan said...

I used to have such "shock" now and then some years back.

See if this helps you - wear clothes made of cotton.

Since I turned out my whole wardrobe some years back, I seldom have that electrifying experience!