Wednesday, March 23, 2005

March Madness

Americans love their sports

The NCAA ( National Collegiate Athletic Association ) men's basketball tournament, which started last weekend, is colloquially known as "March Madness" where 64 leading college basketball teams get together and fight it out. For three weeks in March and the first week of April, the tournament pretty much enjoys the undivided attention of sports fans everywhere, David included.

The Tournament has its own unique lingo in that other than round 1 and round 2, the teams will go down to the "Sweet 16", "Elite 8", "Final Four," and the "Big Dance."

Apart from the frenzy it ignites among sports fans everywhere, the Madness also refers to the amazing amount of gambling that happens where many people enjoy predicting the outcome of the tournament in the shape of, among others, office pools and world wide online gambling.

This year, it's even more nerve wrecking because David's alma mater Texas Tech ( where he studied law ) is in the "Sweet 16" and will meet W. Virginia to battle it out to be in the "Elite 8" tomorrow..


Anonymous said...

Yeah, they love WATCHING sports. Everyone in my office is football fan, basketball fan, golf fan.... but non of them do any sports. That.... i don't get it. really.

Jaxon S said...

go texas tech!

K. Restoule said...

This March Madness is not interesting. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that there are no Candian teams involved or that I find Basketball boring as hell. But its probably because I'm still brooding over the loss of the entire NHL season

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Letti,
It's not only the Americans...the Canadians too.. i had one employee who asked for sunday's morning off.. because he wanted to watch football during the season.. hah!

Hannah said...

I am one strange American who doesn't like sports.

tracy said...

I used to be obsessed with sports. now i'm addicted to pc games. sigh.

Christine said...

I don't know a thing about March Madness except that is messes up my Oprah watching!

Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letti, they show it live in Malaysia as well this March Madness thingy. My daughter and her boy friend are supporters of Kentucky Wildcats.

letti said...

Anon: hi there! i wish you had left a website though :)

Jaxon: Woohoo!!

K. Restoule: Aw...sorry about the NHL thingy

Mrs.T: I say man. And I thought it was bad during the NFL Superbowl season

Hannah: No worries. I might be one of the malaysians who are not into badminto or soccer either.

Tracy: Woohoo! I love my PS2

Christine: Wow, Oprah's on that late?

Desmond: Oh wow,I never knew it made it to Malaysia too!

ashleymclure said...

You mean there's something on tv other than march madness? Who knew?

Monica said...

whew!! thank goodness my David dosent watch sports, Or my brother OR father!!!!

I dont like OR watch sports

letti said...

These silly boys and their basketball! I hope David's team does well. Andy's team lost in a huge upset.
Carrie | Homepage | 03.23.05 - 11:39 pm | #

Oh yeah guys n their sport hey,its like that in Oz too sweety .
sweetspirit | 03.24.05 - 4:05 am | #

go UH! oh wait... we didn't make it this year
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 03.24.05 - 4:13 am | #

I guess I'm one of those that doesn't really love basketball. In fact, I hate it. Football and Hockey work for me, but not so much basketball. I don't know why. It's just not much fun to watch.
Clint | Homepage | 03.24.05 - 12:45 pm | #

I only like the shorts...

Big Gay Sam | Homepage | 03.24.05 - 6:02 pm | #

Carrie: Aw, poor he still watching?

Sweetspirit: I guess boys will be boys everywhere

Neko: Aww.....

Clint: I suppose you're an NFL and NHL fan?

BGS: Trust you to like that..LOL *hugs*
letti | Homepage | 03.24.05 - 9:48 pm | #

I don't like basketball, nor football, nor tennis, nor..... bleh, I JUST DON'T LIKE SPORTS AT ALL!!! What a lazy pig I am... pwaaa !!!
kay | Homepage | 03.25.05 - 3:47 am | #

Wow Letti...nice new look you and your blog have there. I like your glasses. (I never understood March Madness myself...)
Kate | Homepage | 03.25.05 - 5:36 am | #

Something I miss. Being over here in Germany I don't get the games. :-( I'm a Syracuse Orangemen fan.
Raven | Homepage | 03.25.05 - 10:53 am | #

It's not big at all in Canada, but glad to see that you've taken to it in the States
Neely | Homepage | 03.25.05 - 7:34 pm | #