Monday, March 21, 2005

A Moment in Time

When I came to America,

I brought along 2 suitcases of things, and among them was this picture of me when I was about 2 1/2 years old and still staying in the "old" house, which was an old chinese shophouse converted into a home.

The picture was taken in our kitchen ( the only one not in the picture would be my dad, who was behind the lens ) during lunch and it was Valentine's day 1974. We finally moved to a new house in a different part of town in 1986 but I have so many memories of this humble home, but those stories in later posts...

Image hosted by Image hosted by

I am 3 years older than my mom was when that picture was taken
Joanna, our oldest sister, was 4 and a 1/2,
Carter, our brother would not be born for another 3 years
Jumbled Mind would not be born for another 6 years,


Anonymous said...

heh...when that photo was taken, I was not in existence..I was..I was..where was I? hmmm....a thought to ponder about.. I ceased to exist at that point in time...*shudders*
p.s isnt letti a cute child? :)

doug said...

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Raven the Pagan said...

Hi Letti, You look just like your Aunt. Thats what I think any way. Wish I still had photos of my old digs with the family.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Hopped over here from blog explosion. You have a great blog, I like it. Have a nice day. :)

<"3 )~ said...

Letti, I love the picture! only 2 suitcases?!?! HOW?!?! I take that much just when I go to Europe! haha! :)

Taranicole <"3 )~

Kerri Rachelle said...

Two suitcases??? What did you bring? Or rather, what did you NOT bring???? Great photo! It's interesting in its own right.

Jin said...

Good heavens, I have to take two suitcases just for a weekend away from home!

Great picture - you're adorable, which comes to no surprise.

Hannah said...

I love looking at pictures. I have a question-- probably a dumb on-- what language is mainly spoken in Malaysia?

letti said...

Raven: That was an adopted aunt! *smiles*

Tara & Kerri & Jin: Yup..had to leave a lotta stuff behind..only 2 suitcases.

Hannah: Well, the 3 main ethnic groups in malaysia are Malay,Chinese and Indian and so all 3 languages as well as an assortment of dialects are spoken. And English, of course :) Malay language is the national language though, and everyone has to learn that in school, along with English.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey .. letti,
You and i quite the women huh..?? i too only carried two suitcases to canada.. hahahah!! and bought whatever i need here. Thanks for sharing yer pic.. they bring back fond memories of the ones i have.. when i was a kid.. :)

Animesh said...

Heyy!! Baby Letti was really cute!
These old pics really stir something up, don't they?

Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letti, you were grandpa's favorite from what I can see. A happy family alawys eats together.

not4me said...

Awww You were such a cutie pie! I love 2 year olds - that's like the cutest age ever. My youngest daughter is 2 1/2 and I can't stop hugging and cuddling her :)

anna. said...

I say letti's still cute now! ;)

but oh, the perspective. when I look at photos of my mother, and sometimes realise I'm older than that, it kind of sends a shock through the entire system, and resets a lot of things.

you stop looking at stuff from within you, and hover somewhere on the outside, looking over the timeline, like those really cool out of body moments in movies.

Shanti said...

I love looking at people's baby pictures, it's one of my favorite things to do!

anne berit said...

It doesn't matter if the house is small or big or whatever if there is happines and family :) You do look cute! *hug*

Monica said...

awwww how adorable you were!!!!!

Julee said...

Oh cute Baby Letti!

SooHK said...

I love old photos, it allows us to goes back in time and feels the feeling at that time.

letti said...

wow! that's an awesome pic! thank you for sharing

now i feel like digging up some old photos, me self...
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 03.22.05 - 1:03 am | #

I love the picture. You certainly look like an angel!
kay | Homepage | 03.22.05 - 4:21 am | #

ahhhh.. you're so cute!! I'm going to have to post a baby picture of me. Believe it or not I was SKINNY. *sob*
Big Gay Sam | Homepage | 03.22.05 - 12:16 pm | #

u loo soo cute. And rite now..u look so alike your mom
Like twins
GOOD ONE... pictures like this is a treasure eh... i brought some of mine too..
Gene Lim | 03.22.05 - 12:16 pm | #

Awww! You inspire me to search through old photos.
Carrie | Homepage | 03.22.05 - 8:43 pm | #

wuhuuu..u look cute :D i like the picture..very nostalgic with the original sepia colour..
yuni | 03.22.05 - 9:00 pm | #