Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Main Man

For those who have waited to catch a glimpse of David,

here he is with the twins who are 3 weeks and 3 days old today......

Hey, I DID say it was a "glimpse" *smiles*
P/S:He has the Bruce Willis look cos otherwise he'd be Grizzly Adams..


KEF said...

David I can't wait to see the real you man :)

Letti, the pups still no blue ;(

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

Well, you didn't lie when you said a "glimpse." LOL! I know that this is weird, but you are very beautiful. I can't wait to see you in the wedding dress, you are going to be GORGOUS!!!

Well, gotta run!!

SiaoChaBoa said...

Well.. you weren't kidding.. when you said.. a "glimpse".. ;)
Shy ah..David..???

dreaming-neko said...

hi letti :)
it looks like david and myself have something in common! (or shall i say something missing up top)

keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

I like bald guys *pats David's head* Anyway, I HAVE seen the main man himself (in photos anyway). Let me try to describe him. Tall, strong, with beard (which I told him to pigtail and take a photo for me but he refuses). To sum it up, he looks like a WWF wrestler...woohoo...put on them nylon undies David! Your Wrestler name shall be Texas Dave. LMFAO

Blackw... said...

i went through your blog. love it and it is simple and cute to see a malaysian girl living her new life in usa. i saw your "make up" picture. well, hope you don't mind that i give some advice. Angmo dont' know how to do make up on asian face. they can't cut our hair too because it's too different. i'm a designer, and visual is important in my field. you are so cute without make up. those make up made you look like obasan(old lady). i suggest go for a pinkish tone that will go with your fair skin. forget about the smoky eye shadow they put on you. go for pearl white, shinny, with liquar eye liner to make your eyes bigger. for lips, pink with shinny lip gloss. hm... i can imagine how you look like with this pinkish make up. i'll try to get some image of make up that will suit your face. hope you don't mind i put this advice online... i wanted to email you, but can't find email address...

letti said...

hi blackw..thanks for the advice! i guess i should put my email up, but i was afraid of scam..anyway, it's letticia_tan@yahoo.com and will definitely try out the makeup you advised :)..oh, and i didn't know where to look for your website cos you didn't have one.

FT said...

They are ALL adorable! (David too)Y'all have your hands full. I agree with Blackw about the makeup. You look beautiful but I think lighter colors would look more natural on you - you seem like more of a "natural' kind of girl. Still, I love all your choices. It looks like everything is coming together beautifully for your wedding.

KEF said...

Blackw... :) Coolness :) LEtti later share share :)

<"3 )~ said...


YAY! I got a glimpse of the David!!! WOO HOO!! Now we each have a glimpse of the significant others ;) Las Vegas pictures will inevitably contain my boy tho... so you have a DUTY to let us see David!! hahah :)

Jin said...

Awww @ those puppies! So cute!!

Tell David he has a very nice, uh, scalp. Lol!

anna. said...

I still can't get over the damn puppies. Letti I love and hate you terribly...

can you fed-ex me one? ;)

and hey, at least the "a la Bruce" was a matter of choice, unlike Bruce himself who was balding for as long as anyone can remember!

makuahine said...

Hah! Steve is like that, too. Only he usually makes bad faces at the camera. The only way I got that pic from the other day of him sewing is because I caught him completely off guard!! :)

sweetspirit said...

Yes when will we see ur hubby 2 be?

Monica said...

I want to see David, I posted a picture of MY baldy David!!!!!!!!

letti said...

accidently click on your link from friend's blog. welcome to usa. I'm malaysian in usa, location... san francisco. i can't stand texas. no offense.... been there couple times for work, just can't stand the freeway standard, so different and difficult to navigate. enjoy life in usa.
Blackwidow | 03.15.05 - 7:08 pm | #

Hmm blogger gone nuts again. Couldn't post a comment there. Gotta love those twins.. They are lovely. hehe yea, and a glimpse and indeed a glimpse, very cheekily done! hehe
Laura Y | Homepage | 03.15.05 - 8:18 pm | #

Have to wait for ages for blogger comment page to come ... so use Haloscan. The puppies are killer cuties! Have I told you my husband is called David too?
Agnes | Homepage | 03.15.05 - 8:48 pm | #

I am a dog person too. I love seeing your puppy pictures.

I'm glad grocery stores fascinate someone else too. I love food, so it's interesting.

Sorry to post on here, but the other wouldn't load.
Hannah | Homepage | 03.15.05 - 10:08 pm | #

The puppies are absolutely adorable!!! I'm very jealous.
Carrie | Homepage | 03.15.05 - 11:24 pm | #

Hahaha, cheeky post of David and the twins. One day I may shave my head like that also. Right now it is cut 3mm short and it is very convenient for me.
Desmond | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 2:11 am | #

cute puppies.
diana | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 3:17 am | #

Cute puppies indeed. Is it ok for guys to say that? Oh well I did. It's a shame like kids they get bigger.
Raven | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 7:20 am | #

So secreative one, cannot see a little bit also lah.
mrkiasu | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 8:52 am | #

hey letti, if you don't want to show your email, you can try this:
name (at) hotmail (dot) com

I've seen people doing this most probably for the same reason as yours. Don't know if it is really effective, though.
Agnes | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 2:04 pm | #

But you PROMISE we'll get a whole blog devoted to the wedding, right? David will be in lots of those pics!!
Kerri Rachelle | Homepage | 03.16.05 - 11:38 pm | #

huwiii, the puppies are keyy-yooute. hehe..
yuni | 03.17.05 - 7:24 pm | #

Awwww they are soooo cute!!! I want one!!
Lynne | Homepage | 03.18.05 - 12:16 am | #

He does look like Bruce Willis hehe.

The puppies are growing superfast what are you feeding them?.
Ngakaari | 03.18.05 - 11:12 pm | #

hehe..they're hogging all their momma's milk..and there's plenty cos there's just the two of them in the litter.