Friday, March 11, 2005

Poopy Paws

That's my nickname for Henry.

It used to be, I kept him in his crate almost all the time when he was younger..but he's a big boy now at about 3 and a half months, and the "accidents" in his crate are getting less. The trick was having to bring him out every 2 - 3 hours to "go peepee" and twice a day for "poopoo" - after his morning and evening meals to get him into a routine and realise that the toilet was OUT of doors.

Is there a point to all of this ? Just be patient....

It's getting to a point now where I let him out of his crate more often and for longer periods of time, and nowadays, he will look at me all funny and start walking towards the back door when he feels the need to poop.

This morning, I wake up way earlier than usual - at dawn - and go through the usual motions with Henry...then he starts motioning towards the door. I let him out and he gets into the "position" when i notice STEAM rising up from where his bum was!!

Okay, before you start rolling your eyes at me, remember that

1. I have never had a dog
2. I have never brought Henry out at dawn
3. I have never lived in a country where the temperature went below 72F/24C

It took me a second to realise that it was just warm puppy poop on a cold cold morning..


makuahine said...

LOL The joys of having a dog!
Does your poke around for 15 minutes before he chooses a place to go? Ah mine does, I'm like, LET'S GO ALREADY IT'S FREAKING 30 DEGREES OUT HERE! Ah he takes!
I can't get over how cute your doggie is though, I love puppies (what woman doesn't?) but especially those puppies of big dogs that are so adorable. Unfortunately, they do turn into big dogs eventually. ;-) I like em, just no room for em now... :(

KEF said...

Letti girl, I wish I have something as cute as Henry to play with...

Got a guy to introduce? Has ranches? Has horses? ke keekkekekeke and has dogs like Henry?

esclava said...

Thanks for the laugh, Letti.

Mandy said...

hehe warm dog poop on a cold frosty morning. There's something worse believe me, Horse poop! Steamy, and LOTS of it, so I imagine dogs is just the same only less. lol

Ngakaari said...

To get my youngest dog Pippi to go outside at night to go peepee you have to sing this to her" Wanna go to wee wee's?." then she starts barking and going silly and you have to let her out the backdoor to go peepee in the backyard.

letti said...

Hi, I'm a fellow Malaysian who's been reading your blog.. Very nice. haha I like poppy paws. he look adorable. Have fun having him in ur life
Laura Y | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 8:49 pm | #

LOL .... Henry's steaming bum! How cute Lettie. And as for the pic... hes so adorable I love those blue eyes!
Ria | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 1:30 am | #

Aww he is such a cutie. No i never heard of the starting over house - Is it good? finally got my blog sorted and linked you again. Hugs
Sarah | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 3:57 am | #

Yaye... I think I should have a dual system too ) ) ) ) ) ) HaloScan don't save old comments
Ee Fei | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 6:55 am | #

The joys and suprises of dog ownership.
Yummy | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 1:47 pm | #

I cried when I read this. :}
I. M. Dedd | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 3:14 pm | #

It's funny when that happens. We did the same thing with crat training our 2 puppies. It really works and cuts down on accidents in the house. Ours sleep in their crates and they don't mind. They just go in when they are tired.
Hannah | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 3:35 pm | #

Our pups have crates as well, not so much to keep them from peeing and pooping in the house, but to keep them from shredding everything in the house to bits with their sharp doggy fangs when we're out.
Clint | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 3:44 pm | #

Good idea with the bite toy. Keeps them busy. They don't bite up other things in the house. Like shoes for example.
Raven | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 1:12 am | #

Oh Poopy paws hehe,I think ur doing really well considering his ur first poopy paws ,, cheers sweety
sweetspirit | 03.13.05 - 6:13 pm | #

Letti, he's beautiful. And you are obviously learning how to raise a puppy quickly. Sorry I haven't been by to visit in so long. Wanted to wish you well while I'm here.
DiogenesFreed | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 12:19 am | #