Monday, March 14, 2005

Spring is around the corner

And the best things about it..

is the weather and the flowers...

These are some of the wild flowers that are starting to crop up in our front yard...I just hope i don't get bad hay fever like last year!


Anonymous said...

the purplish looking flower looks like a d*ck. *ROLLS AROUND THE FLOOR LAUGHING* sorry..couldn't help it..LOL But seriously..really beautiful flowers.. :) By the way, you can make the flowers look sharper by turning on the "flower icon" on your digital. It helps with close ups :)

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. letti,
No signs of spring or flowers here.. :(

dreaming-neko said...

hi letti :)
your sister is pretty twisted, huh?
i kinda like that. we must be evil twins~

Ngakaari said...

ROFLMAO that flower on the bottom far left looks like testictles to me, I guess I have a twisted mind too huh?.

not4me said...

Something's cropping up over here besides this year's freak-of-nature spiders because my allergies are acting up. ACHOOOOO!

Jaxon S said...

spring is about to spring...even in borneo, although we dont call it as such here. the dry season is coming to an end and the naked trees are beginning to grow leaves.

have a nice spring, letti!

letti said...

jumbled: i DO use the macro function but have to photoshop and make the pics smaller and less resolution to lessen page download time on the blog.


dreaming-neko: I only portray my goodygoody side on this blog..i'm keeping the nasty side of me a secret for now

ngakaari: only as twisted as the rest of us..LOL

not4me:eek, spiders~

Jaxon: have a great spring too!

Anonymous said...

Man, I want spring so bad! The snow is slowly melting away. But it seems like it's taking forever!

Anonymous said...

this clearly shows I'm not the only twisted one in our circle of blog friends.. HAHAHHAA
dreaming neko : Hey what did I say in my profile? I'm lovable in a weird and sometimes DISGUSTING way isn't it..HAHHAHAHAH

Anonymous said...
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Nynaeve al'Meara said...

okay, you have some twisted friends, letti :) my first reaction to those flowers was "what pretty flowers" .. see, you do have a sane friend around :)

letti said...

My Adventures in the US of A

Gravatar I hate winter. Thankfully this week it's supposed to get up to a decent temp. that means I'll be able to stand in the sun and not need a winter coat. First time since January! Come on spring, we need you.
Raven | Homepage | 03.15.05 - 2:03 pm | #

Gravatar Those are great pictures! We have tons of them popping up in Southern Cali too.
BTW-ADORABLE Chocolate Lab you've got. We have one too and at 110 lbs and 1 1/2 yrs old, he's still a big huge puppy at heart.
Sharron | Homepage | 03.17.05 - 6:35 pm | #