Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Trip to the Clinic

We brought Henry and the Twins to the vet today

for their vaccinations, together with a sick kitty, Fred.

Henry went in THIS The Twins in THIS and Fred in THIS

All of us piled into THIS, Henry riding in the back and the Twins and Fred in the backseat
At the vet's, the twins were absolute darlings while Henry was displaying his usual craziness.

Turns out they're all healthy except that the twins have hookworm and had to be medicated. We brought back medication for their momma and it looks like I'm doing some spring cleaning of the yard tomorrow to prevent reinfestation.


Christine said...

Ooh, Sounds like fun! lol. At least it's nothing too serious!

KEF said...

Eh sayang, I haven't seen the Kitty. Photos please :D

Agnes said...

Did you draw the cartoon yourself? Nice!

makuahine said...

Yeah it can be worse, heartworm, for example. Get better, puppies!

Jen said...

Awwww, I hope the pups get better soon! Real cool and interesting blog you have here. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I see you are counting down the days...I did the same thing. Good luck!

SiaoChaBoa said...

Busy.. busy..!

Desmond Goh said...

Good picture post this one. Love it.

Fatsky said...

our pups before had hookworm- aww hope they feel beter soon- hehe-how ar eur bite marks doing? ooh and ur wedding is coming closer! hooraahhh

letti said...

christine: Yeah,i'm so thankful

kef: wait SOOO many kitties..will post their pictures soon. ( need several episodes to post )

agnes: nah..i swiped it from somewhere. :)i'm gonna use that to draw something for the house, though..LOL

makuahine: thanks!

jen: thanks for dropping by!

Mrs T: You said it.

Desz: aw, thanks

fatsky: they're healing..they're healing..LOL..but i get new ones all the time.

Anonymous said...

nice truck! It looks like the one paris and nicole uses on their 'simple life' trip. I like the truck. not the girls..LOL

Raven the Pagan said...

LOL I have an easier time getting my kids in the doctors office than our dog Ginger. Some how she always knows what's up.

sweetspirit said...

Kewl pcs Letti , so kewl have a nice wkend all of ya's Fred twins kitty ;)n David cheers tcz

anna. said...

awww poor sweet little babies... thank gosh it's nothing serious...

ps. pictures+post=excellent!!!!!!

Hannah said...

My dogs had hookworm and we had to pick up poopies too. If I remember correctly, it only takes one pill. Hope Fred feels better!

Monica said...

where is the mama doggie?

letti said...

hehe, seems like you had alot of fun taking them to the vet all at one go!!!
Michelle | Homepage | 03.31.05 - 11:35 pm | #

my past doggies use to dread the vet! they had a six-sense about jumping into the car
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 12:29 am | #

hookworm? What's that?.... excuse my non-understanding... I'm french! LOL

My puppy does that all the time... he goes all crazy whenever he sees the clinic... starts walking with his head on the floor, sneezing and stuff... very worrying. He needs therapy I think... lol!
kay | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 3:45 am | #

haha, sounds like fun... Like ur presentation. Spring cleaning the yard doesn't sound like fun though. Who's cat was that? I didn't know u had one..:P
Laura Y | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 3:54 am | #

Michelle: Ooo..the twins whined in the car but then settled down. Henry now, was a whole different case all together.LOL

Neko: I don't think they were too traumatised...except maybe for the anal thermometer..LOL

Kay: Hookwork's in the intestines and stick on the intestinal lining and are vampires..BLEH! They can cause your dog to get anaemic and stuff..Yucky yucky

Laura: We have more than a dozen cats now out in the cattery, which david picked up through the years as strays. I said NO CATS IN THE HOUSE ( i'm so allergic to a wide variety of things and a bunch of cats in the house was a no no ) so we built a cattery next to the house
letti | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 7:43 am | #

Oh yes, vet days are fun.

Love the truck!!! Totally jealous!
Sharron | Homepage | 04.01.05 - 2:30 pm | #