Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Wedding and Puppy Updates

I've finished making my invitations

and they come in a package of :

1. The Wedding/Church Invitation
2. An explaination of Chinese Wedding Symbols
3. A Save The Day Magnet

Now I need to print out ( custom ) envelopes and we're good to go!

And here are the puppies at 5+ weeks


Christine said...

AWW! What cute puppies!

Kerri Rachelle said...

Your invitations look awesome! I really can't wait til I get to see all your wedding pictures!

Animesh said...

Hmm.. artistic talent in a doctor? Not something we come across too often :) And hey! My suggestion of mailing me one of the puppies still stands. Give it a thought, ok? :))

K. Restoule said...

Glad that the invites are done. My sister is going through a lot of work for her invites as well. She's getting married in August.

Oh yeah. CUTE LITTLE PUPPIES. PRETTY PUPPIES. Sorry, couldn't help it.

Pickle said...

ok I have now been reduced to baby talk and cooing over your puppies! SOOOOOO CUTE. The invitations are looking great. We are all awaiting the wedding now and counting down with you.


Desmond Goh said...

Hi Letti, thanks for checking, I am doing great. The reason I am so quiet was TMnet was down for several days. It has just 2 minutes ago that it began working. I love your invitation card with the Chinese words "Zhen Ai" as the main header. Keep the puppies as Big Ears and Tiny Ears. The names are so original and I got this feeling that the puppies are going to bring you lots of happiness and luck.

Aaron.Pink said...

Those invitations look awesome! So do the puppies :)

<"3 )~ said...

Letti -- ooooh! I love the invitations!!

I want a puppy -- but my apt. won't let me have one ... hmm... maybe we should mail one to OLIVER'S new apt!!! hehe! Then I could have one through him ;)

taranicole <"3 )~


makuahine said...

Wow your invitations are so nice! I never would have had enough guts to make mine, we ordered those. I did make the programs though, and some for a friend a couple of years later that turned out really nice.
So cool though, I love the symbols at the top, it looks really nice!!

not4me said...

Wow Letti, your invitations really look beautiful - and totally go with your running theme :) Oh and the puppies are cute too of course!

KEF said...

Wow Letti, the cards are awesome. How did you pinch metals on a paper? DIY ke? Tell me more about it.

Eh, I'm giving up hope. The puppies are never turning blue, like thier mom the BlueKeeler.

KEF said...

Wow Letti, the cards are awesome. How did you pinch metals on a paper? DIY ke? Tell me more about it.

Eh, I'm giving up hope. The puppies are never turning blue, like thier mom the BlueKeeler.

letti said...

christine: Yup, they're irresistable

kerri: thanks :)

animesh: that comes from having genetics from 2 Art majors/teachers :)

k. restoule: congratulations to your sister! Yup, the puppies do that to anyone :)

pickle: Thanks..i put in a lotta time and thought into the invitations..will post the rest of the stuff later :)

Desmond: Yup, i was trying to infuse lotsa chinese accents into the invitation and wedding :)

aaron: thanks :)

Tara: Heheh..they're so fat now that postage is gonna be a killer..LOL

Makuahine: Well, I love arts & crafts and like that, Jumbledmind calls me her crafts sister :)

Lynne: Thanks..it's a labor of love for sure

KEF: They are never going to be blue, unfortunately :( And yes, had to punch the metal, tie the ribbon, print, cut the edges etc etc..LOTSA WORK! :)

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

Those puppies are SO cute. It makes me wanna go out and buy a puppy right now!!

I'm so glad that you have the invitations almost complete. They look wonderful!!

*~*God Bless*~*

Hannah said...

Gorgeous invitations, and how nice to explain the meaning of the symbols since some won't know.

And while I was looking a your adorable puppies, I had my 2 babies on my lap. :-)

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. letti,
Your custom made wedding invitations look fabulous..! i'm sure those ang mohs receiving them would really adore them.. and appreciate yer effort..! and david .. i'm sure love it too.. :)

sweetspirit said...

Luv the invitations :) those puppies are so cute;)

Jin said...

The invitations look fantastic! I love the choice of red for your wedding, very classy. :)

fish fish said...

Big ears, small ears soooo cute. Aptly named.

Monica said...

from what i could see of the invitations they look gorgeous!!

I got a save the day magnet two years ago, its still on my fridge!

letti said...

Nice! I love when people make their own wedding invitations. It's such a personal touch.

Those look great!
Sharron | Homepage | 03.29.05 - 10:53 pm | #

Not that I'll be getting one. I still think it's so cool how your doing everything for your wedding. The puppies are looking great. You'll have your hands full in no time.
Raven | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 12:20 am | #

Nice invitations. U know, I find myself glancing at ur wedding daisy path occasionally. Have a whale organizing it ya! Cute puppies, have they started their cute little pranks and tricks yet? :D
Laura Y | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 12:34 am | #

Oh, I looove these invitations, they look prettyyyy.....
Oh and... can I have the same puppy, yours look so cute!!! hehehe
kay | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 2:24 am | #

i remember my i helped out my friend making her wedding invitation cards last year. it wasnt just priting and putting them in envelopes. it's alot of cutting out and punching papers as it's a very crafty kinda card. hehe.

cant wait till your wedding day!! so excited!!
Michelle | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 8:31 am | #

I am so excited for you!
Penny Seow | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 10:01 am | #

I'll be looking for mine in the mail. :op

(totally kidding)
Big Gay Sam | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 10:49 am | #

puppy looks sad in photo
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 1:16 pm | #

thanks everyone I really enjoyed making the invitations although it took a lotta planning and WORK! hehe..and i'll try and post smiling puppy pictures next
letti | Homepage | 03.30.05 - 5:22 pm | #