Friday, April 01, 2005

Drive Thru Pharmacy

Another difference between Malaysia and the US

In the States, a doctor writes you a prescription and you take it to your pharmacist at a different location to get the drugs...or via a Drive Thru Pharmacy..24 hr ones, even.

In Malaysia, doctors supply the medication right at their clinics...or if you're at a hospital, you get it from the hospital pharmacy that's right on the premises. Less hassle, methinks.

We had to go get some kitty medicine at Walgreens, and I just HAD to take pictures of the drive thru window & chute


Jaxon S said...

agree...the M'sian system is much more convenient although there were instances of hospitals, esp in rural areas, being short of supplies for certain types of drugs.

SiaoChaBoa said...

I fully agree with you .. :) Some changes that i had to adapt to.. and a little inconvenience.. i must say.. :(
So are the ang mohs less efficient..?? or wat..??

makuahine said...

Yes that would be totally efficient! The closest I've gotten to getting the stuff right from the doctor is when they hand out free samples. They gave me some free prenatal vitamins when I was first pregnant and then gave me a perscription for more, but I already had some over the counter ones so I never filled it.
It's all really just a big scam in the US. Let's send them to our separate pharmacies so they can wait and look around and waste money on candy and gift items.
I hate going to the pharmacy, especially when I'm sick, it's like c'mon!!

tammi said...

I'm not sure if the statement "3 comments preferred" is gona get me in trouble...but I just had to pop in and add my 2 cents.I gotta give you your props for your courageous move to the U.S. ESPECIALLY Texas...I'm also in Texas,not too far from you.But even Texas is extremely different from the far away states such as Maine,and New York etc....Mostly style,and accents.Some ppl in Wisconsin can barely understand my Southern Bell accent,or so they say.So your not alone.Your blog is terrific.I don't have alot of faves,but I hope you don't mind if I add yours to my blog.You have alot of interesting cultural things that I find fascinating.Thanks for enlightening us on how things are done in Malaysia.Good luck learning new recipes.I'm sure your honey probably loves your Malaysion food too.Personally,I get tired of the same O' same O'.
Take Care,
Tammi in Texas

Kate said...

I don't know. The way they do it here in Hong Kong is that they supply you with an arsenal of meds, so you can use them in any combination to treat your ailment. (I had been given pills for a runny nose which I didn't have and also Panadol for aches which I only had for like 2 days.) And they only give you three days worth, which I can see the merits of, but also think it's a bit annoying to have so little.
At least it's cheap anyways. :D

viva mandinah said...

Hi letti :) FINALLY catching up on some of your blogging.

Australia has the same system as the US. You have to actually go to a chemist to get the drugs. Actually I never realised Malaysia had that system, but it certainly seems more convenient!

Hannah said...

I have actually started going to a new doctor because he usually has samples of the medicine on-hand and will give me enough so that I don't have to go to the pharmacy. You're right, it's a pain to then have to go somewhere else!

Tracy V said...

Sounds like a great system except for a few things:

In the US the economy is driven by Capitalism, so everything is an Industry created to keep money being spent. (This sux because you get nickel and dimed to death!)

If the US did this, people would be robbing Hospitals and small clinics daily.

If the US could raise the Bar in education we could possibly get to a point where we could hand out the meds right at the doctor, but until we do Marketing groups runs the way we do things.

K. Restoule said...

Well there's someone not ordering drugs from Canada.

Anonymous said...

yeah I guess in Malaysia it's more convenient that way. But drive thru pharmacy? Oh wow. The only thing drive thru we have here are fast food and .... wash?

teddY said...

Hmm, this sounds quite funny to me... especially when you're really very sick and you still have the drive all around the place looking for a pharmacy =)

Some people might call it VERY TROUBLESOME but I'm okay with it, as long as I am not the one driving the car =)

Raven the Pagan said...

For some reason the Germans hate the dive

Sarah said...

Drive through pharmacys lol thats mad. Here in the UK all out pharmacys are attatched to the doctor surgeries as well - Alot easier.

mrsmogul said...

Is it medicine for Hello Kitty?

letti said...

That is much more convenient.
Hope your kitty gets better!!
Carrie | Homepage | 04.02.05 - 10:56 pm | #

US culture assumes you have a car to get around, Malaysian assumes you came on foot, maybe?

Here in Germany the doctors' practices and the pharmacists are usually on the same block, or are within walking distance of one another. In our village they are at almost opposite ends, but that's only 500 yards apart.

(another Meg-fan
Stu Savory | Homepage | 04.04.05 - 4:24 am | #