Thursday, April 14, 2005

Invasion of....

The Comforter Snatcher!!

I woke up several nights ago and found that I couldn't move my feet. They just seemed too heavy!

The culprit?

Tabby has claimed our bed as his own, the sloth.


biggaysam said...

awww.. pretty kitty. I have two seal point siamese cats. I love the evil little things. :op

Agnes said...

aawwh ... first time meeting Tabby ... he is sooooo cute!

Gene Lim said...

aweeeeeeeeee...look at him..he is such a cutieeee.... hehehe
i understand what u going through rite now, coz Ryan is sharing the tiny bed with us too :(

*~*HollyMarie*~* said... cute!! I wish I could have a cat, but I'm so allergic that if I pet one just once, then I will end up the hospital. ACK! Don't wanna do that!

Well, I'm leaving on a trip and I haven't started packing yet!


Monica said...

I want a kitty!!!!

letti said...

BGS : We have like 15 cats! Tabby's the only one allowed in the house right now cos he's a little under the weather. The rest are lurking in the Cattery built right next to the house with a "cat door" built into the window of david's "study"..

Agnes: Yeah, Tabby is a very affectionate kitty

Gene: Hehe..ryan's bigger than a kitty, so i shouldn't complain ..hehe

Holly: I have amazing allergies sometimes, but it's pretty weird that i'm not allergic to the cats. Maybe after being with so many of them, i've gotten immune!

Monica: Hehe...i'd send you one if david would allow it, but he's a kitty fiend!

sweetspirit said...

hehe i use to get that, our sweepy god bless her who is in heaven now and Chiffy ,use to always sleep with me sometimes persian plonks on my bed,yesty morning i bunked in with my youngest daughter at 4am bcoz she had a bad dream n Persian decided to bunk in and bite Em's toe tsk tsk

Raven the Pagan said...

I just love the feeling when they rake their claws across my bare feet. LOL

Desmond Goh said...

Hey, sorry for the long absence. So you have 15 cats, three puppies, many more pets do have? OMG this is like crazy for me if we have all these pets in my apartment..hahaha!!

teddY said...

Haha, that's funny =) By the way, Tabby is just so CUTE!

According to Desmond's account you have lots of pets. Well, I wanted them too but my mom says NO. Great. I gonna get a puppy when I get my new home.

Animesh said...

the kitty is cho chweet

Sarah said...

Aww that is soooo sweet. What a pretty kitty

Hannah said...

Awwwwwwwww......... when we got our 2 puppies, I wanted them to sleep with us, but hubby said no. I like having the spave I need, but I'd love to cuddle with my babies. :-)

makuahine said...

Haha how cute! Our cat we used to have would always get in bed with us but Steve, even in his sleep would then toss her across the room. He can't stand animals in bed!

K. Restoule said...


letti said...

My Adventures in the US of A

Gravatar Always room for kitty love in the bed!
Sharron | Homepage | 04.14.05 - 3:54 pm | # looks sooo adorable..!
yuni | 04.14.05 - 8:29 pm | #

Gravatar That is just the sweetest thing!!!
I can't wait for our kittens to arrive. Brandon and I are going to be parents come Monday to two little adorable kittens. Pictures to be posted when available.
carmen | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 2:40 am | #

Gravatar I found both my babies at the foot of my bed and I may be short but they sure take up a lot of room. Toby is cute as a button, looks like my hillary.
Mona | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 2:55 am | #

Gravatar Awww, they are so cuuute ..... prrrrr... I seem to have the same problem with my puppy who keeps stealing my pillow every night LOL
kay | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 3:33 am | #

now that's a 'dreaming-neko!'
sleep kitty~ and dream (of food)
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 4:00 am | #

Gravatar Sharron: As long as it's just ONE kitty..hehe

Yuni: When tidur especially cute

Carmen: Oooo we need pictures!!

Mona: I know! I didn't realise how much room a curled up/stretched out cat took either!

Kay: Henry stays in the crate during the night so he doesn't wreck the entire house while we sleep!

Neko: Hehehe..
letti | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 8:35 am | #

You should just count your blessings that he let YOU share HIS bed with him.
Ehle | Homepage | 04.15.05 - 9:17 pm | #

Gravatar Oh I have one of those and he actually prefers UNDER the covers so I least I'm not fighting for them
tj | Homepage | 04.17.05 - 11:32 pm | #




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