Monday, August 01, 2005

Battle of the Network Stars

Although David and I have very similar tastes

when it comes to TV/Movies, and are quite eclectic in our viewing preferences,

it's hard to get a man to watch Home and Garden TV ( HGTV) or Food Network among other things.

I on the other hand, am NOT a fan of CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg or murder cases on CourtTV. ( NOT TO MENTION that Football season is coming up ) Plus I can get finicky and start channel surfing, which drives David crazy sometimes.

Before, with just one satellite receiver in the living room, I would retreat to my "study" when the above programs were on, ( which was basically most of the morning & afternoon ) and watch *gasp* BROADCAST TV on my little 14 " TV.

Which meant that after the morning news shows, there would be SOAP OPERAS and JUDGE shows!!!!!! *barf*

Well, today we finally got a second receiver into MY MY MY MY MY MY room.

What am I watching at this moment as I blog?

HELL'S KITCHEN!!!!! *laugh*
*shakes head in utter embarrasment...hahah*

p/s: the wounds on my face are healing nicely, thanks to everyone for their concern.


Big BoK said...

Ahhh.. that's so cool.. but then .. you donch get to spend alot of time together..??
As for me.. i made sacrifices.. by not watching some of the shows i wanna watch.. i even unsubscribed to Fairchild TV where i get my cantonese soap .. just because.. :)

Agnes said...

My husband likes watching Iron Chef and Discovery channel and don't care too much for news channels (he read news in French). I watch basically everything you mentioned except sports! You know what, both of us are big fans of Chef Ramsey! Yay! Hell's Kitchen is one hell of intelligent show!

Gene Lim said...

Yea we face the same situation here eh. Kit loves the Action channel and i love the sitcoms.

But luckily we found each other liking CSI series. hahahah ;)

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

My family was the same way. My mom wanted to watch some kind of craft or gardening show, my dad wanted to watch the same sorts of shows that your hubby likes, and I wanted to watch whatever looked appealing at the moment. So we upgraded and got more recievers for our DishNetwork.


dreaming-neko said...

tv can truly make or break a relationship...
cause we are all creatures of different channels :)

more tv, more channels for everyone!

~Mark said...

I love Food Network and Iron Chef (the original) rules!!

*bites Bell pepper*

Anonymous said...

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Monica said...

Oh My David Likes Discovery and stuff like that, so I watch motorcycle, tattoo and car shows and I make him watch Sureal life and VH1 count downs and when they were on the Japanese shows I loved so much.........

But we do agree on Robot Chicken which is on Cartoon Network at night

he does like some HGTV too, i like some discovery stuff :)

thank Goodenss mY David dosent like football :) ahhhhhhhhh!!!!

GPV said...

We have 3 TV's on first floor; I can watch armstrong on the "Tour de France" in the living room while Dominique watch "I don't know" in the kitchen and Nicolas watch cartoons in the sleeping room.
To each his own is the best.

<"3 )~ said...

Ah, Oliver likes mostly the same things I do. But he could watch FoxNews ALL day. Now mind you, I think Fox News is great... but it starts to repeat itself after a while!

We are BOTH 24 and CSI fans so it all works out in the end :)

<"3 )~

KEF said...

Gagaga, Letti, at least he gets an additional decoder and not be that mean to make you stick to his programmes ;)

I wonder if I'll marry a great dude like David.

Hannah said...

I love Food Network, but James isn't that interested either. :-)