Sunday, August 21, 2005

Fellow Texan Down

I'm normally not much of a football fan

In fact, I didn't know much about the game when I was back in Malaysia, other than the occasional movie that highlighted footballers etc..

Malaysians seem to enjoy soccer much much more ( the concept of which eludes me as well ), but now that it's football season *preseason, but still as intense, nevertheless*, I can't help but be swept up with all the bru-ha-ha especially when there's a football fiend in the house ( read: David )

We'd always discussed about how when we have children, we will will be very wary about them playing football because although it is up there as a national sport with baseball, it can be really BRUTAL and chances of getting hurt is really high.

So, it made me sad this morning, to hear about a very young footballer from Texas who collapsed after a game yesterday.

"On Sunday, Kilgore coaches and many others in Texas were mourning the loss of Herrion, the San Francisco 49ers lineman from Fort Worth who died Saturday night after a preseason game in Denver.

Herrion collapsed in the locker room shortly after the 49ers finished their postgame meeting following a 26-21 loss to the Broncos. An autopsy performed in Denver couldn't immediately determine the cause of his death of the 23-year-old, who graduated from Fort Worth Polytechnic High School and briefly played with the Dallas Cowboys in 2004.

After playing two years at Utah when he left Kilgore, Herrion was signed by Dallas in May 2004 and was with the club through training camp. He was released in the final cuts before the opener, then spent two weeks on the practice squad."

Other Notable Pro Football Deaths

Year Players Team Pos Cause
1971 Chuck Hughes Lions WR heart attack
1979 J.V. Cain Cardinals TE heart attack
2001 Korey Stringer Vikings OL heatstroke
2005 Al Lucas Avengers (AFL) DL spinal cord injury


Julee said...

That is very sad. I don't ever want my sons playing football. It's just too dangerous!

I've never been a fan of the sport, and I don't plan on watching even now that I live in Texas.

christa said...

I wouldn't let my son play football's way too violent.

Thanks for the greeting at my blog yesterday :) It's nice when people say hi and not just vanish by as a number, ya know ;)

- C.

K. Restoule said...

Football is more like warfare. Fighting to gain land.

void said...

I agree, it's head banging. Say, I like the new look, too!

Chris said...

start everyone's child off into Hockey, its the best sport ever

Thao said...

I don't follow sports either and did not hear or read about this death. Very sad for someone so young.

Monica said...

I hate football, thank goodness my David dosent like it!!