Friday, December 30, 2005

East meets West

I miss Malaysian food.

I know that sounds like a constant yap, but seriously.. *sigh*

I miss soupy noodles, chicken rice, all sorts of different snacks and hawker food, road side stalls, night markets etc. etc. and although there is a big variety in Western cuisine, I have to say that I never baked a fish, chicken etc before I got here. Plus, almost all the vegetables I had was stir fried or in some soup etc.. (it's still difficult to find a lot of Asian vegetables/fruits in the market)

Sometimes, I'll make a soupy dish for myself for dinner and make more Western fare for David. Like a couple of nights ago, we both had fish, except he had baked fish with a salad, and I had fish and vegetable soup. Yum.

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David's dinner

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My dinner

Tonight however, we both had turkey chili dogs...*laugh*


Laura.Y said...

Plan a trip back here Letti and we'll go eat..:P Happy New Year! To you and your family!

Gary said...

Happy New Year. I live in Texas too and I love it.

c o n s u e l a said...

I totally know how you feel...I too cook a separate dish (curries) at times! Hehe...

Here wishing you and your loved one a happy and safe new year, Letti!! :)

Rowdy Theologian said...

Looks great, you'll have to make a trip to SA and whip up a batch for me and the Mrs.

Best Wishes for 2006

Thao said...

I know what you mean. I miss authentic Vietnamese food. But when mom visits, I pig out.