Saturday, December 03, 2005

Immersing in Culture

There may be lights in Malaysia during Christmas

but being a predominantly Muslim country, there aren't many pre-Christmas traditions/happenings that are observed. Sure, there is the departmental store sales, the lighted streets and commercials on TV as well as Christmas songs on radio stations, but that's almost about it.

That's why it's so thrilling to be somewhere where the whole Christmas experience is maximized. Granted, some of it is the result of a lot of commercialism and economics, but still, there is no missing the Spirit in the air..

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Today, we joined Cindy at Church for Breakfast with Santa, and I had my picture taken for the very first time with the Jolly Man in Red himself ( but as Elizabeth, our 5 year old niece whispered to me, "Well, you know he isn't REALLY Santa"), had pancakes and sausages and decorated Gingerbreadman cookies..

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Unfortunately, my cookie fell on the ground and poor Gingerbread Guy broke his left arm..

Watch this space for some Christmas Parade Pictures soon!


ks said...

Somebody's really enjoying pre-christmas...

teddY said...

Yup, I really do hope Malaysia people celebrates pre-Chirstmas stuff...

Anyway, we have lots of pre-Hari-Raya celebrations here.

Oh yup, those cookies are surely yummy!

Hannah said...

Glad you're enjoying the season!

michelle said...

i so totally understand what you mean. this house across my streets lights up his house with so many colourful lights and fake snowman and snowflakes and what's so cool!!!

K. Restoule said...

Ahhh the poor Gingerman. The humanity !!!!

Wait, it's a cookie? Nevermind.

PrimoDonna said...

Thanks for reminding me to get my Christmas CDs and tapes out. I'll be listening to them on the way to work. Sounds like you are enjoying Christmas. Me too!

Pickle said...

Hmm send some of the Christmas spirit this way Letti. I seem to be bogged down with trying to find gifts, crowded shops, being torn between family who want me for christmas and the like. Kind of takes the edge of Christmas.

Harmonia said...

Thanks for helping me get in the Christmas Spirit. I needed that.

Nice pictures as always!

makuahine said...

Looks like fun!
I think I've only one me and Santa photo, when I was a couple months old.

sweetspirit said...

Oh gal
I have to send you some photos of gracelands in oz,, you'd love it .

Its the mansion in my neighbourhood , so beautiful the whole house is covered in lights n santas snow men ect ...They raise money every year for charity from the visitors , some ppl travel thousands of kms just to be there .

I took a pic of a couple waltzing to silent night, it was sweet..

cheerz i'll send ya pic