Saturday, December 02, 2006

Soaking in the Local Culture

It's good for me to take the time ..

to experience the culture of wherever I may be at, because I believe it can only enrich my life and senses. ( David would add "plus it would be good blogging material" - bleh! )

We went to 2 concerts recently - one in October and one yesterday, both from the country music scene, and both at the Paramount. Gary Morris is also active on the stage among other things, having been the lead in Les Miserables, La Boheme and others. Gary P. Nunn himself is pretty legendary in Texas, and those who follow the country music scene will definitely know who these two excellent musicians are. I have to admit, though, that I had absolutely NO idea who they were before this. *grin*

Gary P. Nunn in Concert
Oct 26th 2006

Yes, David is once again shielded from the "blog limelight" on purpose.
Read more about Gary P. Nunn HERE and HERE.

Gary Morris Christmas Show
Dec 1 2006

The photos are a little blurry/grainy coz we were sitting in the back, taking in the full view of the auditorium, and I had to use digital zoom and hold my camera steady against the seat in front of me, not to mention manipulate ISO and all that good goop.

Read more about Gary Morris HERE and HERE

p/s: I wish the snow could have stayed on a little longer. Bye Bye Snowflakes.

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Monica said...

Dont Worry, there isnt even a radio station in the NY Tri state area that plays country music!! I never heard of this guy either! :)