Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yet another Friday come and gone

At first we weren't sure

if we would be able to go for bible class because it had been snowing/"sleeting" Thursday night into the wee hours of Friday morning. But in the morning, the roads, although wet, were not iced over or real slick and the rain had let up some, so it was business as usual.

First off was bible class, and then we were off to the post office to mail some stuff back to Malaysia. Cindy's husband, Johnny, had printed several photographs of the family, and even one with ( almost ) everyone wearing shirts that my parents had sent for Christmas. I had to send some official stuff back to my mom and JumbledMind for them to help take care of some matters back home. THAT went pretty smoothly, not like some OTHER times......

Next, it was off to Jordan Taylor's. They have a selection of "Feed On The Word" dinnerware/tableware that are very pretty and Cindy has had her eye on them forEVER. BUT, they are VERY pricey, and so we could just look and wish we had oodles and gobs of money. We're pretty doubtful they'll go on sale any time soon, though. I did get some CrabTree & Evelyn Lavender Carpet Refresher at half price ( need it with all those animals in the house ) though.

Next we were off to Cypress Street Station for a girly lunch of soup and salad. The Chicken Tortilla Soup was wonderful and while Cindy had the Blackened Chicken Salad, I had the Turkey slices with Bruschetta Salad and Asparagus. Talk about girliness!

We went on to browse at Civilization, where I bought a Gooey Green Wiggle Pen for the fridge, and off to Walmart for some grocery shopping and to get a Subway Melt for David ( read: MAN FOOD ).

Ooooo and I'm so excited because the 100 prints that I had ordered online from WinkFlash arrived, and they cost a grand total of 0.99 cents after a "free 100 prints for first time customers" coupon code. W00tness galore!

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that your show the ice and sleet who the boss it. Don't let it make you a prisoner in your own home. Go out and stuff.