Monday, March 31, 2008

Preserving Our Heritage

Walter is my father in law.

walter woods

He is also a story teller....

To date, he has written about over 400 stories about his life and the people he knew/knows. About 110 of those stories are set to be made into a book ( Volume 1 of about 4 volumes ), and hopefully that will be out some time soon, after all the final proof reading etc. etc.

He tells these stories all the time at different places and occasions, and is often invited by different groups in and around Abilene to share these insights into his life, and they are usually humorous and often times, contain lessons that we could all benefit from.

Being a member of the Tejas ( yeah, that's right, TeJas ) Story Telling Society, it was only fitting that when the StoryCorps Mobile Booth came around to Abilene, he would be one of those who would be recording their stories/memories with them.... which was what he did on Sunday before Church, and now David is in the process of getting the siblings and family copies of that CD.


StoryCorps is basically one of the largest oral history projects of its kind, getting Americans of all races and heritage to share their life stories, and celebrating the American people as well as culture.

A copy of that CD will be archived for posterity in the Library of Congress, and portions of different people's interviews will be aired on NPR ( National Public Radio ), which David and I listen to all the time. ( Did I mention I love PBS also?? )

Last but not least, here's a short video clip I made of Walter telling one of his stories, back in 2006. For some er.. unknown reason, my laugh sounds real goofy on here, but try and focus on the story, won'tcha!? :)

Psalm 119:111

Your statutes are my heritage forever;
they are the joy of my heart.


Tammi said...

Oh snap!
Your father-in-law sounds like my Uncle Roger.You just sit there mesmerized,and in awe listening to his stories of things that happened to him or other people,and he'll just have your sides hurting w/ laughter sometimes,or just merely fascinated with what he's talking about.
I try and go tell others' the stories my Uncle Roger tells,and for some reason,I don't get the same response!hahaha
Some people,like Pa-in-law & my Uncle just have a unique way of telling stories about our history etc...and everyone in the room is just hanging on every word.
I would love to hear that CD/CD's of your father in laws...I'm sure it's awesome.My slow speed won't let me hear or even see a link on my home computer.Oh,how I wish going through Dish TV wasn't my ONLY option for hi-speed!! UuuGH!
NOT that I'm complaining about what's least I can get to your blog from home,ya know?

Tammi said...

Almost posted last on my birthday...isn't it cool to turn 37 years old for 3 years in a row???hahaha
Oh,and another thing...I thought the link PBS was the blogger (I think hers stands for Peanut Butter Sandwich)....I'm such a ding-dong sometimes,I know.LOL

ashleymclure said...

That's too cool. I really wish we'd had some of my grandfather's stories recorded.

K. Restoule said...

Oral History?

I've never seen anything like that. The closest we have is the old bar in the bar who will eventually tell us to "kiss his arse"