Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Sightings

Okay, so we ALL know

what's on my mind these days, and that's probably all I'd be prone to talk about.. but that's more for the OTHER blog..

Here, on the other hand, are some "happenings" from the past week...

Spotted at a local estate sale. Had to, HAD to take a pic.
Pretty juvenile, I know. Maybe I need to say "David made me do it". :P

Double Yolk in one of the eggs while making breakfast for David..

It had been raining for the past 4 days or so, and we got like 4 inches all together, and all these mushrooms/toadstools start sprouting up all over the place

David couldn't stand these ones and did a Godzilla on the mushroom city. Check out the still-not-fully-grown size on the sucker, tho, with part of my foot for perspective.


K. Restoule said...

Hehe heehe. You said Butt Marker. Hehh heheh.

makuahine said...

lol took me 24 hours to find this with my site being down and all but your post reminds me of a bastard file! lol

Tammi said...

You always have such a creative page.That butt thing is funny! Hubby has a cool sense of humor,eh?
So is your tummy pooching out any?
I better go check the baby blog and see what's up!
Hey...did u read about my Freddy Kruger experience?
Girrrrrl,I still shudder when I see his face in my mind! EEeeK!
Take Care of you and feed for two.Waiting to see some more of those awesome looking dishes you whoop up!
Your gona be such a terrific Mom,L.! You and D.

taranicole <"3 )~ said...

That is too funny... ALL of it! Your life is so eventful... how do you stand it?! ;) <"3 )~

Applied Christianity said...

I don't think I have ever seen a double yolk egg in real life. How very interesting. Had it been fertilized would it have been twin chicks?