Monday, October 06, 2008

Other than being preggo,

Life is pretty hum drum at the moment

The last checkup with the doctor was good, and we go have a detailed ultrasound scan middle of this week, which we are really looking forward to..

So when there's nothing else to blog about, what does one do? Blog about FOOD!
Although right now even though I'm over the nausea bit, I still can't get back into the "food groove". Not that that's put a dent in my WEIGHT GAIN! BLEH.

So here we go...

Letti Thursday
Hickory flavor Buffalo Wings with Rolls and Veges with dip


Annual Kiwanis Fish ( and Chicken ) Fry



My attempt at Satay ( although I just fried the meat and didn't grill it coz I was NOT in the mood to clean the indoor grill after cooking )


I have no (major) complaints right now, life is good and we have so many blessings to be thankful for.


syukur said...

hi letty...your sate looks very different and very unique..ha ha ha

Bad Sheep said...

Letti! I am so excited for you. I have been away awhile but it's going to be so neat being pregnant "together"

Fly Girl said...

The food looks so good.... And all my daughter wants for dinner tonight is my famous, or infamous, "Red Noodle Soup." Quite a dish that I practically lived on when I was a child.... Seashell noodles (cooked and drained), a pretty big dollop of butter that melts in the noodles, and plain - just plain - tomato sauce. Most people make a face when I tell them about it.... I guess for us it's a comfort food!

Take care!