Saturday, October 25, 2008

You got it.. it's Letti Thursday yet again

It can be quite difficult,

not having grown up in this country, to try and come up with a variety of stuff every week for the boys. Don't get me wrong. It is a pleasure and a delight to be able to do this. I just have to scour the web for some good ol' Southern recipes sometimes.

Anyway, the boys enjoyed this week's meal, which was hush puppies, baked salmon patties/croquettes, mustard greens and walnut chocolate chip cookies. Yum :)


dobbs said...

I will make sure to drop by on a Thursday if I am ever in the neighbourhood! ;)

Monica said...

you make great things!!! some I never tried on your list!!! they look yummy!! If you grew up where I live in NY you would have to look up these recipes also!!! :) But you would probably know how to make a good lasagna!

Applied Christianity said...

Salmon croquettes reminds me of Grandmom.

You are braver than I am to cook mustard greens.

Thanks for taking care of the boys.

Bad Sheep said...

Are those HUSH PUPPIES? I was craving those a few weeks ago and I could only get them at Long John Silvers

Aimee larsen said...

YUM! Everything about this looks SO good! Good for you!