Monday, February 02, 2009

So how was YOUR Superbowl Partay?

A bunch of us went over to my FIL's

to watch the Superbowl... Since it was me and David's big idea to get people to go watch the Superbowl at Walter's house on the big screen TV, we ( read: ME ) had to prepare the food.. which was pretty fun, actually.

Anyway, here's what we had, other than the mandatory Chips and Dips :

Buffalo Wings and Potato Wedges

Nachos with regular and Blue Corn chips

Celery Sticks and Guacamole

Chocolate chip brownies with Raspberry filling

And I couldn't resist taking pictures of the FIL, BIL and Brett, a family friend, in their stylo mylo 3D Glasses :)


edina monsoon said...

WOW and I mean WOW! Please tell me you didn't cook all that?Lemme count...5 different stuff ( from figure 1).Ooooh. Looks tasty. I'm humbled by all this, haven't cooked in 8 -10 years. ( notice the range..I can't remember for sure)

McMGrad89 said...


Asianmommy said...

Ooh--that looks so good! Can you bring some over to my house, too? :)

Fly Girl said...

Hi Letti! I saw your comment at Annemarie's and thought I would stop in and say hi.

This food looks delicious. Your close-ups are remarkable.... Hope all is going well with you!