Saturday, June 20, 2009

It Takes a Village To Raise a Child

The above may be an African proverb,

but it probably holds true everywhere you go.

I've been blessed to have David's entire family ( just about ) here in Abilene, who love and adore Jaxon, as well as the ladies from bible class and church.

David and I were grocery shopping with Jaxon over at HEB yesterday, and stopped by the Chinese food deli in the store to have dinner as it was getting late/dark and I just didn't feel like making dinner that night. ( Seeing how there would be a baby to put to bed and bags of groceries to put away ).

We were served by a very sweet older Korean lady. David chose Lo Mein Noodles, Spicy Lemongrass Chicken and Jalapeno Chicken. Now, I LOVE spicy food and was about to order the same when the lady looked over at the baby in his carseat carrier and asked if "I feed baby". I thought, "Now why would she be asking me if I would be feeding my food to the baby", and shook my head, all puzzled. She sort of raised an eyebrow but smiled, and it was then that I realised that she was asking me if I was nursing the baby. I quickly said, "Oh yes, I'm feeding the baby".


Her face lit up in a big smile as she said, "You no eat spicy. Baby no like, baby get diarrhea. You eat Broccoli Chicken", and promptly scooped Broccoli Chicken into my takeout box.

Abilene doesn't have a big Asian community. The numbers are skewed because there are several colleges in town with international students, and the vast majority of other Asian people here are in the "service" industry, stereotypically, restaurants and nail salons.

David thought that it was very quaint that the lady went into grandmother mode the moment she saw younger Asian person with a baby :) And I certainly didn't wanna give the baby diarrhea! *smiles* And the broccoli chicken was pretty good.

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makuahine said...

I don't agree with the proverb lol but that's funny.

And she IS right, whatever you eat, they eat. I have a friend who told me about the time she ate a Big Mac and her baby smelled like that for a week. She didn't eat one again! Me, I don't remember anything specific from with E, probably because, as S claims, I am so bland :P