Friday, June 26, 2009

A Reason to Celebrate

I had flashes of my time as an intern

when Jaxon was born, what with the being on call 24/7 ( and loving every - well, just about every - moment of it ). But really, we have come a long way since then, and I can't believe our baby is turning 3 months in a few days. The days have been sort of a blur, and it amazes us how fast he grows. He has been a wonderful blessing to us, and in the past few weeks, he has been a great sleeper in the night! He will finally fall asleep at about 10pm, stirring a couple of times in the night - i.e. hungriness and diaper wetness overload - and go right back to sleep till morning!


That being said, last night was probably the first night that I've slept for 4 hours at a stretch without having to nurse or change his diaper, finally being woken up by my alarm clock to get up in time for Bible Class. Wow. I'd forgotten how that felt. I'm not gonna cling on to that too much though, because he will be going through growth spurts and teething soon, and sleeping habits will probably change a little. But for now, I'm thanking the Lord for little blessings, and our wonderful little miracle.

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Asianmommy said...

That's great that he's sleeping for longer stretches. The first 3 months are the hardest in terms of sleep deprivation. Glad things are looking up.