Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Card Photo Op

We had "Breakfast with Santa"

at church last Saturday, and brought Jaxon for his first "encounter" with Santa. Everyone had a grand time.. until it was time to take pictures with Santa.


Poor Jaxon looked like he went into major panic attack mode. Right now he's in pretty heavy duty separation anxiety mode, as well as some stranger anxiety. Put both of those together, and you have quite a classic distressed-baby-on-santa's-lap situation....Mama Clause tried to help, but Jaxon was determined NOT to be appeased.


We tried to take some family photos for our Christmas card this year. THIS one did NOT make the cut.


Our poor exhausted baby after the whole traumatic experience. Heheh..



The Chansburys said...

errr... considering one looks like he's got some kinda twisty-twirly beard situation going on whilst the other has spotty-wotty hands, is it any wonder????!!!! man, he is looking so much like your poh poh for some strange reason!

Cat Cat said...

Love seeing Jaxon's pictures... The last one is priceless. So cute.