Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Ooo I'm so excited

I can hardly stand it!!!

First of all, our baby turned 8 months yesterday. EIGHT WHOLE MONTHS! In the past couple of weeks, he's started crawling commando style on his belly, dragging himself along with his arms and pushing a little with his feet,

but what's gotten me all agog is that, I've been using baby sign language with Jaxon for simple words like bath, milk, more, cat ( our cats are majorly intriguing to the boy ), "all done", water, diaper, mummy and daddy, among others as we go about our daily activities since he turned 6 months. Imagine how surprised and excited we were when today at Taco Tuesday, as we were leaving, we said "Jaxon, say bye bye to 'so and so'", AND HE WAVED BYE BYE!!! He did it several times to different people too!


We could hardly believe it, so tonight, after I had changed him into his PJs and it was time for bed, we went out into the living room to say good night to daddy, and I said, "Jaxon, say bye bye to daddy", AND HE WAVED BYE BYE AGAIN!!!! Seriously, my heart can't take all this excitement. :)

He might not understand fully what bye bye actually means yet, but he's learned to associate the sign with the word and actually MAKE THE SIGN! I'm know that he knows a bunch of words by now and that in the weeks to come, he will learn to associate more signs with words and start attempting more of them..... Ah, our boy is growing up so fast, it's exhilirating! Waving bye-bye might not seem like much to some, but when you have watched your little baby's development from the time he was born/brought home from the hospital and could not do anything but sleep, nurse, cry and poop, any new thing he does is a major event.

For now, mummy has to brush up on her baby sign language ( Thank you Carter and Winnie for the baby signing book! MWAKS! ) and er, teach them to daddy :)

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