Thursday, July 22, 2010

Grandad's Gig

We were invited by Grandad

to one of his speaking/story telling gigs over at the Rose Park Senior Citizen's Center - which is quite an awesome facility, by the way. He had been invited by the local AARP to tell stories before their meeting started.


I'm sure I've mentioned in the past about Grandad's Awesome Story-Telling Career. He still does this on a regular basis, and has hopes to see ALL his stories in print. We already have 110 of those in Volume 1 of his book, which is available at CafePress.

( yes, this is a shameless plug for my FIL, unbeknownst to him :) )

There was a pretty good turnout that day, which meant a nice sized audience for him.


Grandad is such a natural when it comes to this, it is no wonder he gets invited all the time to speak and share his stories. And the man's memory is just mind blowing.


He loves getting the audience to participate and is great at ice breaking.



We brought Jaxon along, and at first, before the meeting started, and everyone was just starting to arrive, he did a little exploring.


But when Grandad started to speak, we had to put him in his little stroller and try to keep him occupied.


Even Aunt Cindy tried to keep the little boy amused with her little drawings long enough for Grandad to get through his stories.


But of course, little boys have minds of their own too, and have adventure and curiosity coursing through their little veins, so it wasn't long before mummy had to wheel him out of the room to keep from disrupting the meeting.


All in all, it was fun & Grandad's stories were enjoyed by all, and Jaxon enjoyed being fawned upon by all the doting ladies and gents at the center :)

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Anonymous said...

hello darling `kisses`

That last picture is such a nice shot. Catching the boy peering back over his shoulder . . . and then those handles. When i first glanced at the pic . . . i didn't even see Jaxon. It is very well composed IMHO, the result of a gifted eye.

hugs - - - - u r honey


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