Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Time Bounty

We've been enjoying

figs and grapes over at Grandad's house.


David and I planted a couple of grape plants at Grandad's house a few years ago, and although they started producing fruit last year, it wasn't anywhere near what this year's "harvest" was.


Sure, it is still a "young'un" as far as fruit plants go, but they had some of the juiciest yummiest grapes ever.


Grandad also has a fig tree in the back which has been there FOREVER.


Every spring/summer, it just goes crazy producing figs and I just stand there and gorge on figs along with the birds ( and bees ).


1 comment:

McMGrad89 said...

Never had a real fig. Just fig newtons. Hope the grapes continue to be bountiful.