Saturday, March 16, 2013

New Cousins for the Little Boy

My little sister just had her baby this evening ( well, technically speaking, "tomorrow morning their time"since she's in Malaysia ).

Welcome to the world, Aviya Rose :)

Also, Jaxon got to meet 2 other cousins ( 1st cousins once removed? ) when we went over to the Thornton's for Jet's birthday.

Ace and Tex were born on Valentine's Day, and were already about 2 or 3 weeks old when we saw them, but still the little boy was careful to be gentle around them :)

 photo 3fa231d3-fcd5-467c-a336-477943960a9a_zpse5831807.jpg

 photo ab0f2649-5967-4554-9edc-12230f6ba3b2_zps9389d4d9.jpg

 photo 0561365a-a897-4682-aa90-f2c19c321619_zpsc9d80379.jpg

 photo 383c2386-17df-471e-9333-2b8a17122c4c_zps4dc248bf.jpg

 photo 78bde271-dad4-4c45-ac1a-1a191bcc9f77_zpsa7163b19.jpg

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valerie said...

awwww, congratulations to all!