Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who let the dogs out?!

So the boys and I went to Camp Barkeley the other day.  It was a good outing, and it helped the little boy get over the intimidation he felt over the overly rambunctious Jasper.

 photo 9eab83af-0b28-4d9c-be5d-c9c6d0d1472d_zps1fb62dcc.jpg

Jessie was tearing it up with the big boys,

 photo f57609fe-7cb1-4844-a7dc-372c9c38d5d2_zps1eb4bd3b.jpg

but after a while, he was content to be all snuggly in the hub's arms.  ( No, the hubs didn't wear a groucho marx mask to the dog run. That is all me and the photobucket editing tool. :P )

 photo 3ba5cdad-67ce-4140-94ba-37211afc1d8a_zps7e469905.jpg

It was great to see the little boy running around with Jasper, being a little bit cautious but getting over his fears by leaps and bounds. ( I'm almost sure there is an unintentional pun in there somewhere )

  photo 878808c5-dc8f-442e-9ba3-c4b1bba388b9_zps17391ffd.jpg

  photo 7a108318-1798-4ca1-9b54-112b5717fbc8_zpsc04335bf.jpg

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