Monday, April 01, 2013

And the years whizz by...

It's been pretty crazy, what with THREE different 4th birthdays :) - followed by Easter, on top of that...

 photo cc61a189-5695-4eab-b1af-a4daca8cf4ee_zps8a92f2e4.jpg

 photo ee9040af-4707-4950-b8e8-3fdbf86ea979_zpsa09f6b55.jpg

 photo 34a70827-c2d4-48e0-ae0f-c0a52fe16abe_zpse76f22a3.jpg

I know, I know, the little boy only asked for one Angry Birds cake, but Mama went ahead and made 2 and got another from Walmart. :) You're only 4 once, you know. :)

I'm still trying to get all my photos organized and whatnot, but all 3 celebrations will be featured in their full glory, hopefully sometime this week :)

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