Sunday, February 09, 2014

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2014

This year, we once again went off to Albany for their CNY festivities, and then joined the ACU CSSA students for their CNY dinner.

Xiayu's parents were supposed to join us for the day, and they had been ultra excited.  However, the night before, her mother had had a bad bout of gastroenteritis or something, and even had to go to the emergency room in the morning.  They were extremely disappointed as they had really been looking forward to a double-outing for CNY that day.  :((

The little boy, however, had fun.  At the Old Jail Art Center there were booths with activities for the little ones, and the little boy made sure to go to each one of them.

He got to "manhandle with supervision", some artifacts which the lady in charge very kindly and patiently explained the history of. As you can tell from the photos, the little boy was more interested with what was going on on a big screen that they had set up. ( It was an animated storybook version of the story of the Chinese New Year )

 photo 06dd6321-b583-4019-b26d-11b3152a0cc7_zps8611158e.jpg

 photo 4a4d334c-7e1e-433e-ac2b-88b54e65975a_zps303aab19.jpg

 photo 844060fd-f546-49b6-bcaf-ab3ead624269_zps853cadf3.jpg

 photo 594e39fd-9550-4c21-b304-b395ae6abd3e_zps4aa2a717.jpg

I even got in on the action on the Buddha Boards, where I (tried to) wrote out the Chinese characters for each of our zodiac animals.

 photo 307e30b7-c37a-4e0e-955e-6972a347b884_zps6b37ed3a.jpg

Last year, the little boy ran away from the Japanese Drums with his hands over his ears.  This year, he really enjoyed them, and tapped his feet, clapped his hands and danced in time to the drum beat.

 photo 65488467-8edc-41e9-94da-92211541a352_zpsdac6fb21.jpg

I got to enjoy a little snack of Chinese stir fried noodles while the little boy did some mazes.

 photo dfd3fe04-6be3-4392-a272-efda387a23b3_zps4dc99e77.jpg

The Shackelford County Youth and Livestock show was on nearby, and so we decided to head over there next.  It was quite an eye opener as I had never been to one before.  The little boy was quite enthralled.

 photo 7f65fad6-60f6-4190-8a17-52663fecd32c_zps3615e079.jpg

 photo a7650035-fe5d-425d-86e1-6de8482956c0_zps2b8595dd.jpg

 photo 879d3fbb-c5b0-4f7f-8e05-798b2d1225b7_zps1b9b3fea.jpg

It was such a community thing, and I couldn't believe how much the bid kept going up up up for the animals that were shown.

 photo 10c76bdf-207c-435d-ace3-29b4b84ad888_zps6cec5825.jpg

We went "behind the scenes" and looked at the animals that were waiting to be auctioned off.

 photo ea6de55a-4741-4d0d-b963-ab421ef58f09_zps93901be4.jpg

 photo 6fddfadc-4326-4f4c-ba61-bb1a735ebf4c_zps193cdc89.jpg

 photo e89d1cff-12d6-429c-8b86-849fc5f5d353_zpsf3374322.jpg

We got home with a little bit of time to let the dogs out and do a few things around the house, before we were out the door again to join the ACU CSSA kids for a Chinese New Year dinner at Sunrise. :) I mean, with Pig Trotters on the menu, you KNOW it is authentic Chinese food. :)

 photo e40edd25-4b64-47ae-a3d8-4c28480fdaa7_zpscb89dff9.jpg

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