Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Another Cousin :)

Amy and Walter got the family together for a meal at Stephanie's house a few days ago, which turned out to be a "gender reveal" get-together :)
 photo Wiggins Family 1_zpsvqqlcdd7.jpg
The both of them had already found out the gender, and the reveal was basically for the rest of us.
 photo wiggins family 2_zps1ilcltfe.jpg
This would make it 9 little boys in 6+ years for the family/ies. :)
I love to watch the 2 oldest boys get along, whether it is rambunctious play, 
 photo jaxon max 1_zps32axtwhk.jpg
or sitting side by side, quietly drawing.
 photo Jaxon Max 2_zpsaxyzyuwm.jpg
and the little ones are precious too :)
 photo Jaxon Wyatt_zpscrcf60st.jpg

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easter 2015

At least I am still in the same month!

This year, we went to several - this is starting to rival the Halloween festivities!

Egg Hunt #1
Action Zone, organized by City of Abilene

 photo 1_zpsdja5kj5h.jpg
 photo 3-001_zpsql1z8xav.jpg

 photo 2_zps9nerczz2.jpg
 photo 4-001_zpshpicjcey.jpg

Egg Hunt #2
New Hope Church

This one was down by the mall, with a bunch of activities outside.  The egg hunt was held indoors, after a short program on Easter for the kiddos.
 photo 5_zpseigxbs7o.jpg
There were hordes of people, waiting for the start of the egg hunt, which was held in the auditorium.
 photo 9_zps425jme95.jpg
So much so, that they had to call people in by batches, based on the colors ( and numbers written ) on wrist bands they put on you at "registration".  We arrived a little late and so, very thick-skinnedly, went in with the first batch they called, without er, registering.
 photo 8_zpsthcfuay4.jpg
After handing off the eggs to Daddy, who dutifully brought the basket back to the car, we were off to the next phase of fun. BOUNCY CASTLES and OTHER MASSIVE INFLATABLES!
 photo 10_zpspq1wqdyd.jpg
 photo 11-001_zpsp0yh508q.jpg
 photo 12_zpsx8ajqgkt.jpg
The little boy took a little train ride around the parking lot
 photo 7_zpsez4x84em.jpg
and saw some animals at a make-shift petting zoo.
 photo 6_zpsgd6d7nas.jpg

Egg Hunt #3
Southern Hill Church of Christ

We were lucky enough to have Allan and Anastasia with us when we went last year, and this year it was just the little boy and us.

We had to take a photo with the Easter Bunny, of course.  I do NOT like clowns, and for some reason, this costume was up there in the creepiness factor for me.
 photo 14_zps3po2lcer.jpg
Once again, other than the hunt, the main draw was the different inflatables.
 photo 16_zpsv8vv0qzk.jpg
 photo 13_zps6jteprzo.jpg
It looked like it isn't long before the little boy wouldn't be able to be on one. *BLEH*
 photo 15-001_zpscdd8elpo.jpg
The egg hunt was divided into groups by age/grade and the little boy got to run about several times because they rotated through the groups about 3 or 4 times, and then a free-for-all at the end.
 photo 17_zpsc92zh7fp.jpg
 photo 18_zps1wa5lkai.jpg
 photo 19_zpsmpvamfxg.jpg
 photo 20_zpsonuempzp.jpg
I even got in on the action by jumping into one of the train cars with the little boy :)
 photo 17-1_zpstnhxssaf.jpg

Egg Hunt#4
Hillcrest Church @ Abilene Christian Schools aka Grandad's Playground

 photo 22-001_zpsztq1jmnp.jpg
The egg hunt was in conjunction with a church-wide picnic, which for that day, had to be indoors because of rainy weather.
 photo 20-1_zpsnbb1eqg3.jpg
The little boy is always excited when there are activities which involve people HIS size - though, according to his latest doctor's visit, even though he just turned 6, he's the size of an average 8 year old.
 photo 21_zpseklmrkmj.jpg
It wasn't exactly craziness galore, but it was a fun change from the other egg hunts where the eggs were just scattered on the ground in plain view.
 photo 23_zpsp09xb9gi.jpg
This time, there were some in trees, up in the playground equipment and whatnot.
 photo 24_zps7mmhszru.jpg
 photo 25_zpsmn1zm3ja.jpg
He doesn't usually ask for candy, but he wanted to dig into some of that loot right away too :)
 photo 26_zpsmnm0r85w.jpg

Egg Hunt #5 ( last but not least )

I scattered some eggs around the yard, up in trees, in nooks and crannies, in flower beds and flower pots, just so the boy could actually HUNT for some eggs.
 photo 28_zpsw6uanlxi.jpg
 photo 27_zpsqx5m0jvj.jpg
 photo 29_zps4hvvbxtv.jpg
Even the Wuss wanted to get in on the action
 photo 30_zpspsmtf5uv.jpg
Afterwards, we made and decorated some Easter motif cookies.  The little boy and I decorated Easter Eggs, but that can be found over at the boy's blog :)
 photo April 06 Easter Cookies_zpsh5ykbv4y.jpg

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Birthday Fair

Hendrick celebrated its 90th birthday and we were all invited!
 photo 2_zps4vkpdk5j.jpg
They threw a big bash, complete with a fair and food and entertainment.
 photo 1_zpswnddukne.jpg
 photo 4_zps6kck1ujz.jpg
The little boy dove headlong into all the different games and whatnot at the different booths.
 photo 3_zpsh9xdupn7.jpg
 photo 5_zpsnb8suzqb.jpg
 photo 7_zpsa6tg65uc.jpg
 photo 13_zpsksrov7je.jpg 
There were balloon animals,
 photo 2b75fa00-d0cb-47f1-85d5-7d8a68a2c856_zpsj4hgkcrz.jpg
steer roping,
 photo 9_zpst1h5agcq.jpg
snow cones,
 photo 8_zpsspq3ofef.jpg
hula hoops,
 photo 10_zpscfjy7o4w.jpg
a Teddy Clinic,
 photo 11_zpsksqmhxde.jpg
 photo 12_zps2tevhhtz.jpg
a paleontological expedition,
 photo 14_zpsyyk436ps.jpg
showing off feats of machismo,
 photo 15_zpsjcwdtufm.jpg
getting to hang out in ambulances, fire trucks and bomb squad vans,
 photo 16_zpsafg34lcd.jpg
and tucking in to some deeeeliciouso turkey legs and corn on the cob.
 photo 17_zpsqkhp1vwu.jpg