Thursday, July 09, 2015

4th of July 2015

We actually went to 2 fireworks displays this year - on on the eve and one on the night of.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed to Hillcrest for the 4th of July Neighborhood Parade.
 photo 1a-001_zpsbnvtvitu.jpg
People were already parked and ready for the festivities to begin :)
 photo 1b-001_zpsztoj0zd9.jpg
Of course, as with years past, the little boy had his own little agenda in mind.
 photo 1c-001_zpsilfuapva.jpg
 photo 2a-001_zpsgq73uzkp.jpg
 photo 2b-001_zps6l1rxzsn.jpg
 photo 2c-001_zpsmoq4hk3e.jpg
Of course, it was good that he paused long enough to realise that the Parade had started. :)
 photo 5-001_zpslarvhtom.jpg
 photo 6-001_zpsapv3szdh.jpg
 photo 7-001_zpsieigyzg7.jpg
 photo 8-001_zpsdycopcpr.jpg
Of course, with Daddy's help, the little boy managed to get some loot ( which he promptly forgot all about once we got home ) :)
 photo 9-001_zpsetjuwqec.jpg
There were plenty of characters out that day... :)
 photo 10-001_zpsprpaucsw.jpg
as well as a whole bunch of precious and adorable ones...
 photo 11-001_zpslnybcoiq.jpg
 photo 12-001_zpssmmb2w7m.jpg
And who could have a neighborhood parade without Classic Cars?
 photo 13-001_zpsyyouct8e.jpg
The hubs spotted one that was what his mother used to drive...
 photo 14-001_zpszldjuzir.jpg
After the parade, it was off to the Multi Purpose Room for Homemade Ice Cream!
 photo 15-001_zpsvkt0ye48.jpg
The little boy's favorite was Key Lime flavored ice cream.
 photo 16-001_zpsppzqbao2.jpg
And then of course, such bubblicious energy cannot be contained - especially when it is sugar-enhanced.... and so we went over to the play room and built forts and stacked some dominoes..
 photo 17-001_zpsurrj5yza.jpg
Then we stayed up late and parked along with what seemed like half of Abilene to watch the fireworks.
 photo P7044818-001_zps9dh8rtgc.jpg
It was QUITE the show. We saw displays that we had never seen before, which was super cool.
 photo July200420Fourth20Night20Fireworks20Display-001_zpscltiulwu.jpg
Till next year, then :)

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