Saturday, November 14, 2015

Halloween Adventures 2015

With a little boy in da house, it should be called Fortnight-O-Ween :)  AND he loves calling them Halloween Parties, so that's what we'll call them.

Halloween Party #1 & #2

#1 Buffalo Gap Historical Village "Pillage the Village"
#2 Trick or Treat / Fall Festival @ Hamby Flea Market

We brought a very eager Mario to the first HaldoWeenie events of the year probably a month ago, and it was a great start to the festivities. :) Read all about it HERE ( yes, it was THAT long ago )

 photo pizap.com14454057128101-001_zpsccddo3hm.jpg

 photo 11_zpsq3fzfylx.jpg

Halloween Party #3 Boo at the Zoo, Abilene Zoo

I put together a couple of costumes for the little boy this year, the first of which was none other than the greatest and most enduring of American superheroes, SUPERMAN.

 photo 1-001_zpslzbflsfw.jpg

My sister teased that our Superman was wearing Boxers instead of Briefs, after seeing the photos. :)

The little boy really got into character too!

 photo 2-001_zpsisijdnny.jpg

This year, he kept saying that he wanted to go to the games / activities area, as those were more important to him than the candy! The weather wasn't very cooperative that day, and so the vendors/booths had to be moved indoors in a pretty cramped area,

 photo 3-001_zpsl6saiuax.jpg

but the little boy got to get his photo taken with Mickey!

 photo 4-001_zpsblco7cl3.jpg

He couldn't wait to get outdoors, especially to the bounce houses, which were new this year.  There was even one in the shape of an alligator! The way out was a little questionable though. :P

 photo 5-001_zpsgjrtufxq.jpg

 photo 5b-001_zps4xwsmvzp.jpg

 photo 8-001_zpsgidusfcj.jpg

After that, we spent some time just exploring the zoo and playing in the giant beach themed sand box!

 photo 6-001_zpsmbosg1jz.jpg

 photo 7-001_zpsyqi7p63c.jpg

 photo 9-001_zpsddkvj3cl.jpg

 photo 10-001_zps0c4ftnfd.jpg

Halloween Party #4 & #5

a) Trunk or Treat @ First Baptist Church

1st Baptist Church in downtown Abilene always hosts the biggest party in town for  Halloween, so how could we possibly miss it?!

 photo 13-001_zpsvincs2qb.jpg

The little boy was dressed in yet another home made costume - this time it was Stampy ( Stampylongnose ),  the little boy's favorite Minecrafter on Youtube.

 photo 12-001_zpsks9pxgma.jpg

Of course, he made a beeline for he bounce houses - no surprise there :)

 photo 14-001_zpsyr5dqjxj.jpg

and then trains and some games.

 photo 16-001_zpsklthinxo.jpg

 photo 15-001_zps8awrl8kt.jpg

He was super thrilled when kids who recognized his costume came by and called him "Stampy" so it made my heart swell that my humble costume made him happy. :)

 photo 17-001_zpsmefk2qm8.jpg

b) Southern Hills Church of Christ Trunk or Treat

 photo 18-001_zpsekune3u5.jpg

We left downtown as the sun was setting, and headed for Southern Hills, where another Trunk or Treat party was going on..

 photo 19-001_zpsqikpgx5z.jpg

The highlight of THAT event was of course, the car decorated with Minecraft stuff!

 photo 20-001_zps3vqyazgy.jpg

And once again, he couldn't wait to go play in the playground - in the dark. :)

 photo 21-001_zpsjriktajm.jpg

Halloween Party #6  Beltway North Campus

On their website, the church specified NO COSTUMES, so we just went as ourselves, LOL.

We totally bypassed all the candy stuff and spent all our time bouncing and riding a bike with Daddy.

 photo 25-001_zpspaa41xxr.jpg

 photo 23-001_zpsauuwqzqc.jpg

 photo 24-001_zpsmfjnxgoj.jpg

 photo 21d45760-3e46-4043-a31e-3d0dd5a65061_zpsqpxblpmd.jpg

Halloween Party #7  Hillcrest Church of Christ Trunk or Treat

 photo 27-001_zpsasjpohaf.jpg

We went home, had dinner and then got dressed as a Skeleton for the last Hall-do-Weenie party of the year.

 photo 28-001_zpsgs3odhfw.jpg

We got there a little late, and the crowds had pretty much dispersed, unlike the previous years when we would arrive at prime time. 

 photo 29-001_zpskrwkuoxl.jpg

The booths inside the Multi Purpose Room were still going strong, and so the little boy got to do all the different activities inside.

After that, we did the traditional thing of doing the rounds at the neighborhoods to top off a great and fun-filled fortnight :)

 photo 30-001_zps0fdltbpb.jpg

 photo 31-001_zpsoi8ipumt.jpg

 photo 32-001_zps0fszvg76.jpg

I'm just hoping that whatever the little boy would like to be next year, that I can pull of another homemade costume!

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