Thursday, July 07, 2016

July 4th 2016 ( Part 1 )

This year our July 4th started the evening before, as we joined our neighbor Charles and his family to usher in the nation's 240th birthday.
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His granddaughter Maddie, and her cousins who were around Jaxon's age were there, and so there were little kids for the little boy to play with while we waited for the Fireworks Show to start.
 photo 20160703_211206_zpsnfxezbmu.jpg
After a while, the kids decided THEY wanted to have their own fireworks show while waiting, so we adjourned over to the deck/porch area and stayed a reasonably safe distance away, up on the deck.
 photo 20160703_211604_zpsfldpldik.jpg
There were braver souls who decided to watch from a closer vantage point...
 photo 20160703_211335_zps7ggpzazd.jpg
Even from up where we were, some of the pops were just a little too loud.
 photo 20160703_211603_zpsoreyqhcz.jpg
 photo 20160703_213027_zpsm6jfpz40.jpg
I was glad that Ryan, a boy of 8, who was Charles' nephew, was there too, as he had been by to visit a few times before, and Jaxon had gone over to play with him. The both of them were quite the pair, howling everytime the firecrackers went off, and telling silly jokes.
 photo 20160703_220030_zpseyordqws.jpg
 photo 20160703_220218_zpszek7l5e8.jpg
The Fireworks Display finally came on at about 10 pm, and although we were quite a bit farther away this year, it was still quite a show.
 photo 20160703_221209_zps6xhsoxy8.jpg
 photo 20160703_220325_zpsddq9vd2b.jpg
Nevertheless, it was fun, and the little boy was very eager to set off some fireworks of our own or at least, have fun with sparklers the next night!

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