Saturday, May 20, 2017

Poh Poh's here!

My mom got into Abilene on Mother's Day :)

In fact, she got to do a double Mother's Day. She left Malaysia on Sunday morning, and arrived in the States the same morning!
May 14 Getting Popo-001
The little boy had been so excited over Poh Poh's visit that it was all he could do to contain his anticipation.
May 14 Getting Popo1-001
She had had a really long journey and was hungry, so we brought her out for some Chinese Buffet :)
May 14 Getting Popo2-001
She was totally exhausted after traveling over 24 hours on 3 different planes, but the little boy managed to present a bouquet of flowers to Poh Poh before she retired for the night.

The next few days was bonding time with Grandma, and her getting over jet lag.
May 14 Getting Popo3-002
But we DID manage to slot in a welcome by the Bible Class ladies.
May 14 Getting Popo4-001
And get to spend lots of quality time with Poh Poh
May 14 Getting Popo6-001
Stephanie invited us over to her house for dinner, and Mamo and Uncle Jim were glad to be able to meet up with Poh Poh again as well.  
May 14 Getting Popo7-001
May 14 Getting Popo8-001
May 14 Getting Popo9-001
May 14 Getting Popo10-001
Watch this space for more adventures with Poh Poh!

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