Saturday, January 27, 2007


It seems like every year,

there has to be at least one "stray dog" event in our lives. Click HERE and HERE for 2005's. ( Yes, we still have the dogs, the Blue Heeler is Missy, and the brown/white one's name is "Wuss" - - it's a long story, and he is still Missy's best friend )

The latest one is "Fluffy"

The Many Faces of Fluffy

Fluffy wandered into our yard about 3 - 4 days ago, looking bedraggled, dirty, and tired. At first she just made the outdoor dogs go crazy with her presence, not to mention she kept eating the food we had put out for the wild outdoor marbled/blotched/classic tabbies that had claimed one part of the yard as their own. We thought she would wander off on her own, but she wouldn't leave !

So, while we determine who she belongs to, she has to be tied down with enough romping room. At first she protested quite a bit when we put a collar on her and tried to walk her on a leash to the tie down, but now that she's used to it, she is the most chilled out of all the dogs on the plantation.

We're not sure whose dog she is ... our neighbors down the road who have Great Pyreneses aren't missing any of their dogs ...

If only she weren't so sweet and pretty.... then it would be easier to keep on looking for her masters.


Anonymous said...

fluffy's cute.. but you know me and dogs.. umm.. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monica said...

Awww you have a new doggie!!! well he adopted YOU

jefftexas said...

I'm a sucker for a stray, looks like he wandered into the right yard!

Hope you have a great weekend, Jeff