Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Shots

We got our seasonal flu shots a couple of months ago

and went in to the Health Department to get our H1N1 shots yesterday.


David asked if they had the "preservative free" ones, and a nurse in another room who had popped in at that moment said, "oo, I think I have like 9 more of those". And voila, just like that, my assertive husband got us the preservative-free shots. Yay! It reminds me of my mom and older sister. They can be fiends at bargaining/ haggling, whereas I'm the shy one. I wish I was a little more like them that way, but I guess I find my bargains in other ways. Or I could always get David to do the talking for me. Mwahahahahaha.


Tamara said...

How funny!! I never heard of such a

Tamara said...

I need 2 send u an email....its really important.