Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ooo Look What I found

Haw Flakes


I saw this lonely package in our little Filipino store, and I didn't have to think twice before snatching it off the shelf.


What exactly ARE Haw Flakes? I have to admit, I grew up eating these like Candy, and yet had NO idea what they were made of. I mean, what in the heck is HAW, anyway?


Wikipedia says they're made from the Chinese Hawthorn Berry/Fruit. Sweet.

They can be bought on Amazon.

Someone made a stop motion video about them!

It even has its own Facebook fan page. Seriously.


Their packaging makes them look like fat squatty firecrackers. Colorful ones, nevertheless.


I read that some people liken them to fruit rollups, but not having tried any of the aforementioned rollups, I can't really give an opinion whether they are similar or not.


They DO taste like candied plums or prunes, though. Their texture is kind of between crispy, crumbly and chewy. It's one of those things you'd have to sink your teeth into, to know what I mean.


One of my favourite ways of eating it when I was a kid was to nibble at them with my front teeth like a mouse or something. I know.


Sometimes I'd attempt nibbling several discs at once.


I wonder who first came out with the idea to make them into disc shapes. If I were Catholic, I'm sure that I would have grown up using it to "play Communion".


They're yummy, tho.


I wonder if I'll be successful in getting David to try one. :)


The Chansburys said...

yep that's EXACTLY what we did with them- play 'Communion'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cat Cat said...

I was, too, jumping up and down when I first saw Haw Flakes in our local Asian Store.

GG said...

Hi Letti, thanks for dropping by. I was smiling at your article today. Not sure whether you have been to Houston, but we have a huge chinatown here that will make you feel right at home.

Momo4ever.Com said...

Hehehe. I haven't had that for ages!!!!!!! Used to eat it when I was little too. I seriously have no idea what they're made off either :P

edina monsoon said...

Very very nice pictures:) I dun like it that much. But after reading your post...err may get one tomorrow just for the fun of it:)