Sunday, July 20, 2014

4th July 2014

A couple of weeks late, but no worries.

We started off the morning going by Hillcrest Church where the annual neighborhood parade was.

It makes me smile to think back on the past years, and the little boy at the parade from the time he was just a few months old to now, a big boy of 5. :)  It tugs at my heart strings more than just a wee bit.  And, of course, remembering Grandad and how he loved to spend time with the little boy. 

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* 2010 ( Part 1, Part 2 )
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As usual, when we arrive, there is already a bustling crowd, each person/group having found their own little spot to watch the parade from.

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The parade itself was fun and full of lively characters.

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The little boy and a group of kids were more distracted by the candy thrown out to the crowd more than anything, and the cool firetruck, of course :)

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The highlight for the hubs, though, was probably the vintage vehicles.

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We spied one of the local TV stations' crew out, and when we watched the news later that night, we caught a glimpse of the little boy running across the screen, even if it were just for a milisecond! :)

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After the parade, we all filed into the multi purpose room for some homemade and some non homemade ice cream and treats :)

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Later that evening, we went out again, heading towards the Zoo for the fireworks show.  We found a place to park along with a bunch of other cars, by the airport, and sat down, sprayed ourselves with bug spray and had a grand time watching the dazzling display.

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ARGH I can't stand it that the little boy is growing up so fast. Makes my heart hurt. *sigh*

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