Sunday, October 19, 2014

West Texas Fair and Rodeo 2014

Good Grief, this is REALLY late.  The West Texas Fair and Rodeo was early LAST month, and after posting the parade, I have been really tardy about putting up the rest of it, but here goes...

Our first stop was right at the entrance, where they were recruiting little kids to join in the "Pedal Tractor Pull" event.  The little boy was enthusiastic about taking part, even though he hadn't been able to practice cycling as much as we would have liked.  He did well, and was super stoked when he received a ribbon for participating. His very first fair ribbon!
 The petting zoo was crowded as usual, but the little boy got to get up close and personal with a few of them llamas and donkeehs :)
We walked down the midway ( a word I have learned since arriving in the United States ), and took in the sights, sounds, smells and people.  It is always quite a sight.  The colors, the lights and the music are always a delight.


We bumped into Stephanie and her brood there, and Jaxon wanted to ride with Jet on well, one of the rides.  We then went on the carousel and a couple of other less crazy ones which were more to the little boy's liking.

There were fake bulls and real ones with unimaginably huge horns
We went back the next morning, and packed a lunch to have there.
We went strolling through the buildings to see what he had missed the night before.

Once again this year, Mamo won a bunch of ribbons - many of them for first place! Gooooo Mamo!
Being a person who draws and draws and draws, you were quite er, drawn to the entries by the littler kids :)

And yes, everything is bigger in Texas. :)

Then we got into the Ag building and they knew how to appeal to the younger audiences, for sure.  I thought that was pretty sneaky to have an abundance of touch screens and interactive games and stations, LOL, but hey, the little boy learnt quite a few things that way.

Jaxon and I had learnt about whittling from a few books that we had used in the FIAR series/system, and so it was interesting to see some of the older men demo'ing some whittling at the fair.

There was also a cooking demo, but we didn't stick around for that.

We were kinda hungry by then, and went in search of Fair Food.

No, we did not have FRIED ALLIGATOR ON A STICK! We settled for a funnel cake instead. :)

See ya next year!

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